Urban Eats, a UK based company well equipped in the art of sandwich making and creating a delicious and convenient meal on the go, has just added 5 new vegan sandwiches to their Urban Eat Roots line.

At the moment they currently offer 3 vegan sandwiches including a Sweet Potato Falafel Sandwich, a Moroccan harissa hummus sandwich, and a sandwich called Bhaji Bonanza which features onion bhaji, potato, mango chutney, cucumber, and cilantro.


Come August 20th, however, 5 new vegan sandwiches will be gracing their Roots line. These include a Pickle Me Up Sandwich with dairy-free cheese, pickles, tomatoes, red onions, and greens, an Avocado Falafel sandwich, a Sweet Baby Cheesus Wrap with dairy-free mozzarella, pesto, and roasted tomato, a BBQ jackfruit wrap, and a Hot Mozza Bella Panini with vegan mozzarella, pesto, sweet chili peppers, and tomato ragu.

The decision to increase their vegan offerings was made to cater to specialized diets, senior marketing manager at Urban Eats, Isla Owens, explains. Diets excluding meat are becoming increasingly more popular, as 12% of the UK population now follows a diet as such. In order to keep up with the increasing demands for veg-friendly food, Urban Eats knew they needed to offer more tasty options.

Not only will consumers now have more plant-based options to chose from at Urban Eats, but it will help them free up their lunch period by choosing a convenient, grab and go option.

In need of a tasty sandwich pronto?

If you are not based in the UK and can’t try out Urban Eats for yourself, why not try one of these sandwich recipes from our Food Monster App?


Hummus, Avocado, and Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwich 

This hummus and veggie sandwich is easy to prepare and packed with flavor from the sun-dried tomatoes. It is the perfect addition to any lunchbox.

Polenta Pesto Veggie Sandwich 

This pesto and polenta sandwich is unique while featuring an amazing array of flavors and textures. Add some vegan mozzarella to this baby and you’re good to go.

Brown Sugar Barbecue Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich 

Jackfruit is very trendy right now and for good reason. This BBQ jackfruit sandwich is mouthwateringly delicious, draped with a sweet and slightly spicy barbecue sauce. Top this sandwich with some slaw for some texture, and you’ve got yourself quite a meal.

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Lead image source: Shutterstock