Packing for a camping trip can be stressful. After all, if an item is overlooked, there aren’t exactly bodegas in the wilderness for you to run to. Instead, the best course of action you can take is to plan ahead and prepare yourself for any and all levels of hunger and of course, any dietary preference. Let’s say you’re trying to avoid eating meat and dairy on this particular camping trip. No problem! There are plenty of products for easy breakfasts, protein-packed snacks for hiking, a simple but hearty dinner that tastes like it was made at home, and of course some campfire desserts. You may be surprised at the number of veg-friendly products out on the market nowadays!

The question is, how do you know which ones are tasty, the best bang for your buck, and relatively healthy? Well, you can certainly scour the Internet and find all the information you need or you can let One Green Planet be your guide! That’s right. We’ve amassed 20 camping trip essentials available online right now – check it out!