Usually, when people are trying to incorporate more international cuisines in their diet, a few methods come to mind immediately. You can begin frequenting specialty markets, be it Asian, Italian, or otherwise. You can sign up for a cooking class, or you just learn from the school of YouTube. What people usually don’t think of (at least initially) is stopping by the frozen meal section of their grocery store. It’s understandable. A decade ago, the frozen meal aisle was hardly the booming supermarket section it is today, especially in regards to their plant-based options. In the past, the selection was pretty simple – frozen veggies, french fries, maybe a veggie burger brand or two. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of amazing goodies! Indian curries, Asian noodle bowls, Italian specialties … all meatless and dairy-free too! In fact, these kinds of products have been such a hit with consumers, you can even find some online. Here are 10 easy-to-make vegan meals that have global flavors!