A new study has found that kimchi that doesn’t contain fish products has the same bacteria and probiotic qualities as traditional kimchi.

Kimchi’s traditionally made with fish sauce or fish paste. But vegan kimchi uses plant-based ingredients to retain a similar flavor.


“In vegan kimchi, producers swap in things like miso, which is a fermented soybean paste, in place of the seafood components,” said the study’s lead author, Michelle Zabat, according to Phys.org. “We wanted to know what the effects of making that swap might be in terms of the microbial community that’s produced during fermentation.”

The new study, published in the Food Microbiology journal, looked at the bacteria present in vegan and traditional kimchi and found that while at first the microbes in each were different, but became more similar during the process of fermentation.

“Miso has a lot of live bacteria in it at the start,” said Peter Belenky, assistant professor of immunology and microbiology at Brown University. “The fact that those bacteria were lost almost immediately during the fermentation was surprising. We thought they’d carry over to the kimchi, but they didn’t.”

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Lead Image Source: How To Make Kimchi At Home / One Green Planet