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Ravi DeRossi, the restauranteur with over 15 restaurants in New York City announced his plan a year ago to reinvent all his menus and make all his restaurants plant-based. Soon after, he opened Ladybird, a vegan cocktail bar. He also expanded Avant Garden, another one of his vegan restaurants, to Brooklyn. A few months ago, it was announced that Fire and Water would be the newest addition to his amazing list of restaurants. Fire and Water will share a space, but are actually two separate culinary worlds. Fire will be a dim sum restaurant opening in January 2019. Water, on the other hand, provides an Omakase experience and recently opened on Friday, November 30.New Vegan Restaurant Water

Source: Fire and Water

An Omakase experience means that the diner has left the decisions up to the chef who has expertly and carefully curated a menu. The chef at Water is Steven Pereyda, who previously worked at Michelin Star restaurants. Pereyda created an eight-course menu which is served along with a sake list curated by Sommelier David Yi-Hsian Dong. The menu includes dishes like Mushroom Chirashi, Fresh Chilled Tofu, Tempura Pumpkin, and more.

Water's Mushroom Chirashi

Water’s Mushroom Chirashi

Water is located at 111 East 7th Street and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6 pm to midnight and closed on Mondays. Reservations will be available through Resy. Add Water to your list of restaurants to visit and check back for announcements on Fire, the dim sum restaurant opening in 2019.

Make Your Own Japanese-Inspired Meals

Are you craving Japanese food now, but can’t make it to Water yet? Here are some delicious recipes from our Food Monster App that you can enjoy!

1. Somen Noodles With Nori Dressing

Somen noodles with nori dressing

Source: Somen Noodles With Nori Dressing

Somen noodles are very thin white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour and usually served cold. As Lan Pham Wilson‘s Somen Noodles With Nori Dressing recipe proves, it is a breeze to make a delicious and filling meal with Somen noodles as the base. This Somen bowl contains a savory-sweet broth spiked with soy sauce and maple syrup, a refreshing seaweed dressings, and plenty of garnishes, including sliced cucumbers, kimchi, scallions, and nuts. Yum!

2. Raw Sushi Rolls With Sunflower Seed ‘Rice’

Raw sushi rolls with sunflower seed rice

Source: Raw Sushi Rolls With Sunflower Seed ‘Rice’

Gabriella Hose and Joe Furini‘s Raw Sushi Rolls make a great lunch. They’re so delicious, fun to make, and packed full of color and goodness! Instead of rice, make a really tasty paste out of sunflower seeds. The texture and taste is weirdly a bit like tuna, but it works perfectly in sushi and adds a great flavor. What’s great about these rolls is you can mix up the recipe depending on what veggies you have. Some great options are avocado, carrot, cucumber, pepper, sprouts, beet, and any pickled veggies, but it’s great to experiment with what you have!

3. Spicy Tomato Tuna Sushi

Vegan spicy tomato tuna sushi

Source: Spicy Tomato Tuna Sushi

Oh, yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: fish-free spicy tuna sushi! In Megan Sadd‘s Spicy Tomato Tuna Sushi, Roma tomatoes are boiled and perfectly seasoned with umami and spicy flavors and rolled up with sushi rice, avocado, and nori — no bamboo mat necessary.

We hope you are try and enjoy the vegan Omakase experience at Water. But for when you aren’t eating out, download our Food Monster App. We have over 15,000 vegan and allergy friendly recipes of all types of cuisines.