We all scream for dairy-free ice cream! This is your comprehensive guide to finding 10 of the most popular vegan and dairy-free ice creams in New York City. From fresh and fruity sorbets to truly decadent and creamy scoops, we came up with a list that will ensure you’ll always be able to fulfill your frozen dairy-free desires. We chose these products based on Yelp reviews and popularity but also used our discretion to be certain we were being fair to the many contenders – there are so many great ice creams out there! This list is not based on ranking, priority, or any other particular order. All reviews are real, from real Yelpers. Happy eating!

Below are the 10 most popular vegan and dairy-free ice creams in NYC along with real quotes from people who have tried them!


  1. Blythe Ann's: Cake Batter Soft Serve (East Village)*

    Evan W./Yelp

    A soy-based soft serve that tastes exactly like raw cake batter!

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “Soft serve cake batter is the bee’s knees!” –Sasha S.

    2. “WOAH! Probably the best ice cream I have ever tasted (and I taste a lot of ice cream). So creamy and flavorful, no food coloring, all vegan (vegan ice cream!!), fresh and raw ingredients.” –Sasha B.

    3. “Amazing. Had no idea it was vegan, best ice cream I’ve had in Manhattan for sure!!” –Sara S.

    4. “To say that this is the best vegan ice cream would be an understatement. In reality it’s just the best ice cream period.” –Mary A.

    5. “First time I had ever even heard of cake batter soft serve but I’m really glad it exists. In a sugar cone, it was pretty awesome.” –Kevin L.

    *All ice creams at this location are dairy-free, hard ice creams are cashew-based.

  2. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream: Banana Nut (Various locations)*

    Noura Andrea A./Yelp

    Banana ice cream with walnut pieces.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “The banana nut is f–kin amazing!!!!! Do it! ….. Do it!” –Herbet P.

    2. “Vegan banana nut ice cream with vegan chocolate sauce??!! to die for!” –Casey S.

    3. “Definitely try the banana nut one – it was SO GOOD! BF thought it tasted like banana bread and he couldn’t even tell it was dairy-free!” –Julia H.

    4. “My favorite was the banana & nut but I would definitely go back to try the other flavors!” –Amy M.

    5. “I definitely recommend banana nut, if you’re into that sorta thing! Tastes like banana bread ice cream, and the texture is creamy and yielding, as good as any ice cream.” –An N.

    *Dairy-free ice cream options at this location are made with cashew milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

  3. DF Mavens: Green Tea (East Village)*

    Canny F./Yelp

    Coconut-based ice cream flavored with green matcha tea.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “This is the first place I’ve found vegan green tea ice cream, and it was delicious!” –Kirsten B.

    2. “Their green tea is sooo creamy and reminds me of the ones from the sushi buffets I used to refer to as “crack” – but the one from DF Mavens is even better!” –Angela C.

    3. “The green tea flavor is also BOMB. Very rich and creamy and oh SOOO DELISH!” –Ami P.

    4. “[The green tea ice cream] was fantastic. Made with matcha powder it has a hint of the bitterness of green tea.” –Moon R.

    5. “Green tea flavor is great, not all the makers get it right.” –Tia B.

    *All ice creams at this location are dairy-free and range from water to soy, almond, and coconut bases.

  4. Sweet Jane's: Blueberry Lavender (Astoria)*

    Hailey K./Yelp

    Blueberry and lavender-scented ice cream.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “I can’t even. You guys, that vegan blueberry lavender ice cream was unbelievable.” –Jenna B.

    2. “Great vegan ice creams and incredible customer service … Highly recommend the Peanut Butter ice cream and the Blueberry Lavender, those were my 2 favorites, but they were all great.” –J.W.T.

    3. “Sweet Janes is an absolute delight! … Flavors change all the time and the vegan options are delicious.” –Melanie G.

    4. “The vegan options range from coconut, almond and soy based ice creams, most are gluten-free as well (some have cake or cookies inside). The flavors are really good and all are made on the premises.” –Alison M.

    5. “I really appreciate that not only do they offer vegan choices too, but those choices are equally exciting and creative flavors.” –Ali M.

    *Dairy-free ice cream options at this location come in soy, almond and coconut bases.

  5. Alchemy Creamery: Strawberries and Cream (Williamsburg, Long Island City)*

    The Discerning Brute

    Creamy strawberry ice cream.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “The ice cream from Alchemy is amazing. I’ve had their push pops and the regular hard ice cream – both times I’ve been satisfied.” –Katie Z.

    2. “Delicious ice cream that happens to be dairy free. The strawberries and cream is amazing.” –Nancy K.

    3. “So far, my spoon has dipped into the strawberries and cream, green tea, and salted peanut butter flavors. They are all so delicious, and the flavors are strong but not overwhelming.” –Kelly B.

    4. “Excellent ice cream. Vegan, you say? Okay, really excellent ice cream.” –Linda C.

    5. “These guys make a great vegan ice cream!!!!!” –Jeremy D.

    *All ice creams at this location are dairy-free.

  6. Ample Hills Creamery: Coconut Fudge Sorbet (Prospect Heights)

    Valery C./Yelp

    Organic coconut milk and dark chocolate with a splash of rum.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “This place has ‘gr8’ vegan ice cream that is ‘on fleek,’ ‘hella trill’ and ‘fire’.” –Michael C.

    2. “The coconut fudge sorbet is surprisingly awesome.” –Lucian K.

    3. “The Chocolate Vegan Sorbet; it is unlike any sorbet I’ve ever had and actually BETTER than ANY chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tried! It’s dark, rich, creamy and velvety smooth on the palette.” –Ivelis P.

    4. “Love love love. My go-to is coconut fudge on a pretzel cone.” –Gen T.

    5. “I settled on a coconut fudge sorbet. It was so creamy, I was almost sure they had slipped some dairy products in there. I SWEAR THEY DIDN’T.” –Lauren P.

  7. By CHLOE: Kale Cookies and Cream (Greenwich Village)*

    Dining With Skyler

    Organic kale ice cream with homemade gluten-free dark chocolate wafers.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “I especially am intrigued by the kale ice cream…” –Maddy P.

    2. “Who knew kale cookies and cream was a thing and it was awesome.” –J. Karim A.

    3. “The best part was the ice cream! Kale cookies and cream and coffee chia chip were both so delicious. ” –Vivian L.

    4. “Try the Kale cookies and cream!!! Sounds ‘strange,’ but it tastes so much like cookies and cream.” –Natalie K.

    5. “Overall this vegan ice cream option wins in my book.” –Sophie P.

    *Coffee ice cream pictured above comes with chocolate-covered chia seeds and chocolate chunks. All ice creams at this location are dairy-free and coconut-based.

  8. Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Company: Mango Soft Serve (Union Square, Flatiron)*

    Valentina M./Yelp

    Water-based sorbet made with real mangos.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1.  “Really yummy and healthy vegan “frozen yogurt” made from only three ingredients.” –Noa B.

    2. “Their soft serve mango is FANTASTIC. Easily tops every mango sorbet, ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt I have ever had.” –Anne K.

    3. “The mango frozen yogurt was delicious!” –Neka W.

    4. “I tried to mango and it was soooooo delicious! Really had an strong organic mango taste, the perfect little treat.” –Risa H.

    5. “The mango flavor was brilliant. It actually tasted like a mango, all the way down to the vaguely green flavor that mangos have. Really great stuff.” –Jason L.

    *All ice creams at this location are dairy-free.

  9. Healthy Nibbles: Cherry Vanilla (Prospect Heights)

    Sharon C./Yelp

    Creamy dairy-free vanilla ice cream with chunks of cherries.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “Really yummy vegan ice cream. The cherry vanilla and strawberry are wonderful.” –Sharon C.

    2. “I had strawberry vegan ice cream and it was delicious!” –Matt F.

    3. “They have VEGAN ice cream & vegan sugar cones! WHAT! OKAY!” –Michael W.

    4. “Best Ice cream in Park slope area!!” –Mc T.

    5. “My pending summer plans are going to include daily visits to Healthy Nibbles for a $4 huge (vegan) ice cream cone.” –Amy G.

  10. 16 Handles: Yo Soy Vanilla (Various locations)*

    Gluten-Free N-Y-C

    Soy-based vanilla frozen yogurt.

    Here’s what people are saying about this ice cream…

    1. “I like their soy vanilla vegan option. It has no dairy in it yet it taste delicious!” –Krizia C.

    2. “The soy vanilla froyo is delicious and super creamy!” –Natalie K.

    3. “All vegan yogurts and toppings are labeled vegan. Very yummy.” –Cameron S.

    4. “Gluten free vegan and allergen labeled. Fantastic. No questions asked.” –Jacob S.

    5. “Love love love. Just come and try.” –Nick M.

    *All sorbet options at this location are dairy-free.

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