UNLIMEAT, Asia’s number one plant-based meat, has developed its first deli slices after completing the development of its plant-based pepperoni and mortadella. UNLIMEAT is a compound word for ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Meat.’ The company says this means that their plant-based meat has no limits on appearance, taste, or how it’s cooked.

While other plant-based meats can dry out easily, UNLIMEAT created its own plant fat, which is made from coconut, has fewer calories than animal fats, and doesn’t dry out! Kyle Kim, UNLIMEAT CTO, said, “Usually, vegan pepperoni tends to dry out or burn when cooked in the oven. I am sure UNLIMEAT is the only product that does not deform even after cooking. It’s due to our plant fat made with plant-based ingredients like coconut oil. UNLIMEAT Pepperoni contains about 15% UNLIMEAT plant fat, so it retains its moisture even after cooking.”

The company also offers mortadella, an Italian sausage made from finely minced pork mixed with diced pork fat and spices such as pepper. UNLIMEAT’s mortadella is made using their plant fat, and it contains 25 grams of protein which is higher than an animal-based slice of ham.

The company says that they aim to be a part of “creating a sustainable food system that has a positive impact on the environment.” The company hopes to enter the market via large distribution centers. To learn more about UNLIMEAT and where to find their products, check UNLIMEAT.

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