Nuts are a plant-based eating staple. While almonds, cashews and peanuts are most typically sought after, Brazil nuts are incredibly delicious and nutritious nuts that are often overlooked. Brazil nuts are rich and creamy in flavor, making them easily adaptable for many different dishes. All nuts are great for you, but Brazil nuts contain higher amounts of a certain nutrient than other common nuts. Brazil nuts contain all your dietary recommendations for selenium, which is necessary mineral for a thriving thyroid and healthy hormone function. Selenium also contributes to a healthy scalp and hair.

Though not as high as almonds, Brazil nuts also contain protein. Their healthy fats will keep your skin healthy and also improve your mood too.  Brazil nuts are tasty to mix into trail mixes or add on top of your morning oatmeal or granola. They’re also easy to eat on the go and have more uses than just snacking.

Here are some unique ways to use Brazil nuts in any dish that will surely provide a sustainable and scrumptious addiction to a snack or meal.



Put that almond milk on the back burner (at least for a little bit while you give this a try!). Once you try a sip of Brazil nut milk, it’s hard to ever go back. Nut milk can be made on your own and although the process can seem complex, the outcome is well worth it. The texture of Brazil nut milk is ultra creamy, making it perfect to put in your coffee, make chia seed pudding with, or even just to drink alone. Because of its richness, Brazil nut milk is a great milk to try out in place of soy or almond milk in baking (though those are still great options).

Plant-based milks differ in calories and neither almond or Brazil nut protein is incredibly rich in protein or fats since the water used to make the milk decreases the calories per cup. However, Brazil nuts have around 30-40 more calories than almonds do per cup, with 5 grams less of protein. Since they’re a highly nutritious nut rich in minerals, Brazil nuts have a place in your diet just like all nuts and seeds.

Give Brazil nut milk a try in these Vegan Cinnamon Latte Cupcakes, or try it in a savory dish such as Curry With Tofu and Grilled Vegetables. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try making flavored Brazil nut milk such as chocolate or coffee by using a little chilled coffee in your blend, or mixing with some raw cacao powder. 



Vegan cheese is making headway in the artisan cheese world. Cashews are famous for making vegan, plant-based cheeses because they lend a creamy, mild taste that’s incredibly easy to use in many dishes. Although cashews are delicious, Brazil nuts are just as versatile to satisfy that craving for creamy foods, such as dairy-based cheeses and spreads. Because of the nut’s silky texture, Brazil nut cheese adds sultry flavors to pasta dishes, burritos or as a dip. Make this Brazil Nut Vegan Parmesan to sprinkle onto nearly anything. Not only will it taste great, but it will provide you with a plant-based healthy fats and fiber that can’t be found in typical dairy cheese.



Blueberry-Cheesecake-by-@OutToLunchC (1)

Think dessert always has to be an indulgence? Think again. Many plant-based desserts can actually be extremely beneficial towards your health. Whether you go for cheesecakes, dessert crusts, or pies and cakes, Brazil nuts can help take your dishes to a whole new level. Because of their smooth texture, they blend beautifully and also act as a binding agent that even gives off a little crunch. This Double Chocolate Cake uses blended Brazil nuts for its crust and can easily be used as a base for any dessert. On the other hand, this Lemon, Coconut and Vanilla Tart uses Brazil Nuts in the filling, making it extremely rich and decadent. Yum!




Salad and Brazil nuts are a dynamic duo because they are both exceptionally versatile. If you’re trying to stick to a raw food diet, Brazil nuts are a great go-to food due to their flavor and mineral composition. Combine Brazil nuts with a kale salad, and your thyroid will be in tip-top shape, not to mention your heart and mood health too. Chop up Brazil nuts to sprinkle on green salads, or even try adding them to a mason jar salad for a quick lunch. This Vegan Kale Waldorf Salad would be great with Brazil nuts in place of walnuts. For an Asian salad twist, use Brazil nuts in this Scented and Crunchy Asian Black Rice Salad for an ample amount of protein, antioxidants and fiber.

Brazil nuts make awesome alternatives to almonds, cashews, walnuts or peanuts. Besides milk, cheese, dessert and salad, Brazil nuts can be used in smoothies, power bars, or simply eaten alone. Do you have a favorite way to use Brazil nuts?

Lead Image Source: Richard Mullany/Flickr