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Do something special for the people you love or yourself by cooking a delicious plant-based dinner or dessert for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re treating yourself to a self-love baking project or you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party for all your friends and family, thanks to the Food Monster App, we have all the recipes you need for edible gifts, dinner-date entrees, desserts, and dishes that can feed a crowd in this ultimate guide.

You know what they say… the way to a person’s heart is their stomach!

1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These Tempting Vegan Treats For TwoCelebrate Valentine's Day With These Tempting Treats For Two

Splitting a dessert as you gaze into your beloved’s eyes just screams romance. You know what else screams romance? Not having to share your dessert in the first place! Honestly, it’s one thing to share your life with someone. Where is it written that you have to pony up half of your cake in the process? Check out the gorgeous recipes in Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These Tempting Vegan Treats For Two for some inspirational Valentine’s date ideas!

2. How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Love and Vegan FoodVegan Grain-Free Raw Strawberry Crème Chocolate Truffles

There’s no better way to show someone how much you care than with food.  Food nourishes our bodies, our minds, and our souls. It gives us pleasure, comfort, anticipation, excitement, fulfillment – sounds a lot like love, doesn’t it? Food, like love, is a part of our everyday existence. It drives us, it brings happiness and we certainly can’t live without it. Instead of buying your Valentine flowers, shower him or her with expressions of love via food. Food can be a part of your Valentine’s Day celebration in all kinds of different ways. Check out How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Love and Vegan Food for all the ways you can show your loved ones you care!

3. 15 Vegan Valentine’s Day Treats to Make With Your Best BudsUnicorn Cookies

If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, don’t fret — you’re certainly not alone nor should you feel obligated to find romance. But why not spend the day with your best friends instead? Check out 15 Vegan Valentine’s Day Treats to Make With Your Best Buds for some fun recipe ideas you can make with a group of friends!

4. 15 Giftable Cream-Filled Chocolates and Truffles For Your SweetieChocolate-Covered Strawberry and Coconut Truffles

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or avoid festivities, one thing we all can agree on is that the best part is all the chocolate. Chocolate is almost universally loved by all. It actually is known to increase levels of serotonin in our brains as well as stimulate the release of dopamine, both of which are responsible for good feelings. No wonder we give chocolate to our favorite people on Valentine’s Day. In addition to being Valentine’s Day, February 14th is also National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day — how fitting. Skip the store and check out 15 Giftable Cream-Filled Chocolates and Truffles For Your Sweetie for some awesome gift ideas!

5. Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day? Try These 14 Delicious Vegan Dishes For OneFlying Solo on Valentine's Day? Try These 14 Delicious Vegan Dishes For One.

If you fall into the camp who wants to snip the spaghetti noodle strung oh-so-adorably between Lady and The Tramp’s mouths, then you probably don’t really do the whole Valentine’s Day thing. There’s a favorite holiday out there for everyone and this one is just not your bag. Which is totally fine! There’s no law that says you need to suddenly wake up on February 14th, ply yourself with chocolate and prepare a bunch of delicious recipes for two. Instead, check out Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day? Try These 14 Delicious Vegan Dishes For One and try out a bunch of dishes just for you!

6. The Perfect Dinner Date Night Meal Ideas for Valentine’s DayRheasVDAy

When you start counting all the ways to show your special someone how much you care, skip the reservations at that fancy restaurant. Sure it’s nice to get all dressed up and go out for dinner but it’s even nicer to stay in. Anyone can make reservations but it’s an extra-special gesture to cook for someone. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. When your Valentine sees the spread laid out on the candlelit table, he or she will think ‘Wow, this was all done for me!’ Check out The Perfect Dinner Date Night Meal Ideas for Valentine’s Day for some ideas on making the perfect dinner date.

7. 25 Romantic Vegan Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Valentine’s Day10 Dishes You Can Make without Turning on the Oven

What’s better than waking up from a good night’s sleep to the smell of freshly made pancakes? To have a loved one bring up a tray of them for you, of course! This Valentine’s Day, surprise a loved one with some homemade breakfast in bed. Make a mouth-watering stack of vegan pancakes topped with fresh fruit and nuts. Or make this lovely heart-shaped pancake cookie, drizzled with chocolate. How about dessert for breakfast? Check out 25 Romantic Vegan Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Valentine’s Day for some awesome ideas to impress your loved one!

8. 50 Hot and Sexy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s DayVanilla Blueberry Tart 1

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! This week is V-Day and it is a day for love, but did you know this holiday’s origins were not as lovely as you might have thought. The day is celebrated for Saint Valentine or Valentinus, who was said to perform marriages for young soldiers after the Roman emperor had outlawed it because he thought “single men made better soldiers.” Another story states that Valentine was executed because he attempted “to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons.” Although his heroic endeavors are still unclear, Saint Valentine was seen as a romantic, thus associating the holiday with love. Check out these 50 Hot and Sexy Vegan Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day for some spicy ideas!

9.15 Full Cakes to Be Shared By Two Because Calories Don’t Count on Valentine’s Day

Punajuurisuklaakakku — Malaysian Chocolate Beet Cake

You know the joke about how calories don’t count on your birthday? Well, it’s totally true on Valentine’s Day. Okay, maybe it’s not but it should be. Sure, Valentine’s Day is about love, romance, hearts, and flowers, but it’s also about food and in particular, decadent desserts like chocolates and cakes. Remember, Calories Don’t Count on Valentine’s Day, so enjoy these 15 Full Cakes to Be Shared By Two.

10. 15 Fun Vegan Recipes to Make With Your Pals for Galentine’s Day

Deviled Potato Bites

Gone are the days of making women feel like they need a date for Valentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is the new way to celebrate. Try it this year! Invite your closest friends to celebrate together. Make each other feel empowered with kind words, genuine compliments, and fun games. But do it with some delicious plant-based food with the help of these 15 Fun Vegan Recipes to Make With Your Pals for Galentine’s Day.

11. Vegan Valentine’s Day Menu From Start to Finish!

Shutterstock 736793602

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day or having a Galentine’s Day party, we have the perfect plant-based menu to make it a night to remember! There are too many decadent vegan recipes to pick from, so we’ve simplified it for you with this Vegan Valentine’s Day Menu From Start to Finish, in which we selected delicious recipes from the appetizers to entrées and everyone’s favorite part… dessert!

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