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Is there really anything better than a super filling and delicious sandwich packed with satisfying ingredients? Didn’t think so! We want to make tomorrow’s lunch easy for you, and are giving you 15 vegan grilled cheese recipes on how to make the perfect sandwich! Doughy bread, gooey ‘cheese’, and savory plant-based bacon gives you a combination of amazing flavors, and also can be found on our Food Monster App! You can thank us later.


1. Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread 

Bread equals happiness, and this bread is no exception to the rule! This Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread is whole and hearty, and layered with your favorite ingredients it makes the best comfort food in the world!

2. Seeded Spelt and Kamut Sourdough 

This bread has so much character, and is perfect with both savory or sweet toppings! Try it in a sandwiche, or just eat this Seeded Spelt and Kamut Sourdough plain straight out of the oven, maybe with some plant-based butter, what’s better than that?

3. Oat and Seed Breadvegan gluten free nut free oat and seed bread

This bread contains nutrient-rich ingredients from oats and seeds, and a healthy kick from flax seeds and chia seeds. It also makes this Oat and Seed Bread filling and yummy! Serve it for breakfast or lunch with your favorite toppings, or next to a delicious salad!

Not just an ordinary bread, this Hummus Buckwheat Bread has a fascinating and creamy twist because of the hummus! It is made with buckwheat flour, which makes it gluten-free, and it is just so delicious and doughy!

5. Leftover Rice BreadSliced Vegan Leftover Rice Bread

Got some leftover rice after last night’s dinner? Use it to make this fancy Leftover Rice Bread! This bread is oh-so-soft and spongy, and is amazing freshly made.


1. Pumpkin Grilled CheeseVegan Pumpkin Grilled Cheese cut in half

This Pumpkin Grilled Cheese has a lot of antioxidant beta-carotene, vitamin A, fiber and even protein! The main ingredient is pumpkin, which is super healthy, and healthy fats from cashews make this cheese packed with goodies for your body!

2. Maple-Mustard Squash Grilled CheeseVegan Maple-Mustard Squash Grilled Cheese with greens and onion

Make your sandwich the most filling and satisfying one ever with this Maple-Mustard Squash Grilled Cheese recipe! This one’s a bit easier, as you can actually buy the vegan cheese itself in the store, but you mix it up with some yummy ingredients to make it more exciting and flavorful!

3. Moxarella Cheese

This cheese really stretches, and acts similar to ‘the real thing’! The Moxarella Cheese is made out of cashews, tapioca, oil, garlic, and some lemon juice. In other words – a simple recipe that is best enjoyed on your favorite pizza, panini, or in a smashing sandwich!

4. Paprika Cheese Vegan Paprika Cheese Without Nuts or Soy! [Gluten-Free]

This cheese is perfect to enjoy… well, anywhere! On a cheese platter, on crackers, in a toasted sandwich, or maybe on your favorite pasta! This Paprika Cheese is completely nut and soy-free!

5. Stretchy Potato Cheese

Just look at this stretchy yumminess! Can you believe that this Stretchy Potato Cheese is actually made with potatoes? It’s perfect for sandwiches and pizza, so the next time you’re craving something mmmelting and stretchy, try this one!


1. The Easiest Mushroom Bacon

Whether you love mushrooms, or you’re not a mushroom fan, you are gonna love this recipe either way! The Easiest Mushroom Bacon is super easy to make, with an amazing taste and the perfect crispy texture.

2. Crispy Chewy Portobello BaconCrispy Chewy Portobello Bacon

Nothing beats the flavor of a homemade, plant-based bacon! In this Crispy Chewy Portobello Bacon recipe, the portobello mushrooms are sliced and marinated in a savory mixture, and then sprinkled with smoked paprika and pepper. Makes the perfect addition to your sandwich!

3. Extra Crispy Rice Paper BaconVegan Gluten-Free Extra Crispy Rice Paper Bacon

These plant-based slices of bacon might just be the most realistic one you have ever tried! This Extra Crispy Rice Paper Bacon has a crispy texture, with smoky, salty, and sweet flavors!

4. Jackfruit BaconVegan Jackfruit Bacon

Jackfruit really soaks up all the flavors, which makes this Jackfruit Bacon one of a kind! When it’s marinated in a smoky, pepper-maple mixture, it tastes just like breakfast. Use it on your favorite sandwich, or on a salad to give it a perfect crisp.

5. Homemade TVP Bacon Bits Homemade Bacon Bits

Textured vegetable protein is used to make these bacon bits, also known as TVP in the veggie world! They are super easy to make, you only need the protein itself, some liquid smoke, and salt, and you’re all set for these Homemade TVP Bacon Bits 

Start layering up your sandwich already, and don’t forget to add some vegetables to make it even more healthy and delicious! For more recipes or ingredients to put on your sandwich, or maybe other lunch tips, download our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

Lead image source: Maple-Mustard Squash Grilled Cheese

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