Toronto is getting its very own vegan neighborhood, as new vegan businesses move into a block known as ‘Vegandale.’

The block is already home to three vegan brands, Mythology Diner, The Imperative, and Doomie’s Toronto.


Mythology Diner is an all-vegan diner with menu items like seitan ‘boneless wings ($10), cheesy garlic bread with cashew-based cheese ($10), and vegan poutine ($8). Mythology even includes a full bar with cocktails!

The Imperative describes itself as Canada’s first all-vegan retail concept store.

Doomie’s Toronto is an all-vegan restaurant with comfort food classics like a Big Mac-style veggie burger and vegan chicken and waffles.

Doomie’s Toronto / Facebook


The new push has come from Toronto vegan company The 5700 Inc., which has taken over leases on the block with plans to open three new vegan projects called Vegandale Bracitorium, Prohibition Pie, and NYM.

The three new businesses are set to open this summer.

There will also be a Vegandale Food Drink Festival hitting Toronto, Houston, Chicago, and New York in 2018.

“Vegandale is just the beginning,” said The 5700 Inc. owner Hellenic Vincent De Paul. “World vegan domination begins in Toronto!”


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