A troop for homeless Girl Scouts has far surpassed their goals for their first-ever cookie sale.

NYC’s Troop 6000, which is made up of 291 girls who are living in homeless shelters in the city, initially had a goal of selling 6,000 boxes of cookies during their first cookie sale – but they managed to sell about 30,000 boxes by the time they finished their sale on Saturday.


“The logistics of selling and delivering cookies has been a challenge for Girl Scouts who live in homeless shelters,” said the group on their website.

Kellogg’s Little Brownie Bakers division, which manufactures Girl Scout cookies, decided to allow Troop 6000 to use their space in NYC to sell cookies.

“When living a transient lifestyle, it’s not a convenient place to be thinking about cookie logistics,” said Girl Scouts of Greater New York CEO Meredith Maskara. “We thought, how can we be more innovative and provide a space so that cookie logistics [don’t] have to be one of their priorities.”

“It’s important to show other girls that it doesn’t matter where they’re from, or the problem they’re in, they could still be a Girl Scout,” said Sanaa, a 10-year-old member of Troop 6000, according to Moneyish.

The troop formed last year, after an investment from Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office helped homeless girls ages 5 to 17 to join the Girl Scouts.

They get that sense of community, that feeling of belonging to someone, to connect with them, to speak with them,” said the troop’s founder, Giselle Burgess.

“A lot of our girls, including my own daughters, were ashamed and scared, and didn’t want to talk to their friends about it — but you need to talk about it,” Burgess said. “With these girls, they’re sisters and they act like sisters. They’re there to support each other, and be able to relate to each other. They’re so empowered, they’re so ambitious.”

You can support Troop 6000 by making a donation at their fundraising page.



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Lead Image Source: Kelloggs NYC / Instagram