Chef Dan Barber’s company Row 7 is looking to create vegetable seeds that are affordable, durable, and taste better than others on the market.

“Think: potatoes so creamy you don’t need butter,” said the company, according to The Pantagraph. “A squash so packed with flavor, it doesn’t require maple syrup to make it delicious.”


Barber, who’s known for his farm-to-table restaurants Blue Hill in NYC and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in upstate NY, has partnered with veggie seed breeders to create new varieties that are more flavorful, in addition to being nutritious and diverse.

The non-GMO seeds from Row 7 are all certified USDA organic.

Row 7

“We are a seed company grounded in the notion that deliciousness might just change the world,” says Row 7 on its website. “A seed company built by chefs and breeders striving to make ingredients taste better before they ever hit a plate.”


You can buy Row 7’s seeds on their website, where they sell varieties like a sweet and earthy Badger Flame Beet ($3.50 for 100 seeds) and creamy Upstate Abundance Potatoes ($9.95 for one pound of seeds.)

“Dan Barber has done a lot of work to promote plant breeding as a piece of the food system,” Open Source Seed Initiative executive director Claire Luby told Civil Eats. “It’s great to raise awareness about those issues, and if [Row 7] makes [their seeds] truly accessible, it would be a great achievement.”

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