Ever since actress and activist Danielle Brooks, who plays the beloved Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on the hit Netflix television series “Orange is the New Black”, publicly announced that she went vegan, the star has been showing off her plant-based culinary skills on a variety of different platforms. Most notably, she’s been Tweeting and Instagramming about her food, but recently she made an appearance on ABC’s cooking show, “The Chew” to show off a vegan recipe for mac n’ cheese.

“I like to eat,” Danielle told the hosts. “But I was never taught how to eat properly, or how food is fuel, so this is my way of teaching myself how to eat properly, and how to eat to live, I guess.”


(Our face when we try vegan mac for the first time.)

Danielle Brooks/Instagram

For Danielle’s vegan mac n’ cheese recipe, she used two cups of raw cashews, one and one-fourth a cup of almond milk, one-fourth a cup of nutritional yeast, a juiced lemon, four cloves of peeled garlic, three-fourths a teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of paprika, a pinch of cayenne, and some Kosher salt and ground pepper to taste for her sauce.

For her macaroni, all you’ll need is eight ounces of a vegan macaroni, and one-half a cup of vegan Panko breadcrumbs and oil for an optional topping.

The final result:

Screenshot via The Chew


We would be happy to be served a plate (or two… or three…) of Danielle’s vegan mac. It looks delicious! Watch her make the dish here, and get the full recipe step-by-step here.

Make More Vegan Mac n’ Cheese at Home!

Danielle’s recipe looks incredible and has us seriously craving more vegan mac n’ cheese. There are many different variations of the comfort food on the Food Monster App, so we figured we’d share a few of our favorites.

This one is for fans of smoked flavors.

This Seitan Sausage With Mac and Smoky Cheddar Cheese by Melanie Sorrentino is in the running for the most decadent version of mac and cheese we have ever seen. The rich, cheesy sauce is flavored with chipotle pepper in adobo to give it an irresistible smoky flavor and then you add in the succulent, homemade seitan sausage and eat the whole thing on a bed of pasta. It’s as delicious as it sounds – trust us.

Give this fusion recipe a try!

One-Pan Thai Yellow Curry Macaroni by Anupama Paliwal is probably unlike any other mac you’ve had before. This dish is given its bright yellow color not from cheese but from curry paste. Along with mushrooms, onions, coconut milk, cilantro, peanuts, and lemon, this entrée is a mix of pad Thai and classic macaroni and cheese. Talk about delicious fusion.


Pack as much nutrition in as you can!

Superfood Cheesy Mac With Roasted Cauliflower by Meredith Youngson uses five superfoods to create that amazing sauce. The results? Your taste buds are happy and your body is fueled. You’ll return to this delicious mac-and-cheese recipe again and again.

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Lead image source: Danielle Brooks/Instagram