Give me a high five! Five ingredients for a nutrient-charged plant-based lifestyle that is! These ingredients aren’t listed in any particular order, but they are all superstars. Whether you call them condiments or ingredients, it doesn’t really matter, just shut your pie hole and chomp down on some good eats for cryin’ out loud!

1. Cacao Nibs

These are little pieces of heaven: bitter, sweet, crunchy, slimy yet satisfying (well, not that the second to last one). Cacao nibs let you bask in the glory of chocolate without the sugar of traditional chocolate. Add them to your banana soft serve, morning oats, everything is better with a nibble of these nibs! Cacao nibs can either be naughty or nice, depending on their bitterness. You’re gonna find out that pairing them with a good, dried fruit scented trail mix accentuates the bitterness, giving the mix an interesting flair while adding them to say a gluten-free pizza may not be the best idea. They will hatch like a Gremlin and rip you into nibs yourselves if you do that (well, not really, but it’s just gross)! A questionable use of these nifty nibs would be to put them in some chili—it would probably give it a mole feel, or it might morph it into a Wonder Twin, who knows. Dear reader, if you try it, you’ll have to comment below.


2. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast seems like a weird yellow powder from outer space, akin to the questionable cheese packet in your mom’s mac & cheese box, but it’s really healthy! This gold tinted substance adds a multitude of vitamins to your food from B vitamins to zinc; Rumpelstiltskin would be proud!

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are terrific, tasty, tubers, and wanna-be taters that tackle your taste buds to the ground (say that twelve times while holding your tongue)! They are not messing around! They are orange and packed with beta-carotene. Put hummus, soup, broccoli, spinach, quinoa, oatmeal, apples, whatever you want on them: they are the perfect vehicle for vegetable yumminess. Stuff them good, and then stuff your face.

4. Leafy Salad Greens

You can’t rave enough about this wondrous roughage! Their nutritional makeup is marvelous: vitamins, minerals, and dark green mystery, all come from these greens. As an ingredient they add nutrients, but also depth, a deep flavor that can’t be masked or mimicked, sorry imposter sweet potatoes. If you don’t cook your greens until they are sad, withering, or dying (Oompa Loompa’s wouldn’t like the look of it!), they also bulk up your meal too, giving you more scrumptious bites to savor.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

The vinegar that is a misnomer, apple cider vinegar, may taste nothing like apple cider or apples, but it is surely a stellar ingredient to keep in your arsenal. Apple cider vinegar has a lot to bring to the table even though it has identity issues (really, is it trying to be vinegar or apple cider?). This vinegar cleanses the body and invigorates the palate. Some say it’s good for acne. Some say it’s good for your metabolism. Some say it grows hair on your chest (doubt it). I say it’s good shaken, not stirred with pure grape juice, carbonated water, and a drop or two of stevia. You can also try it in your totally twisted tomato sauce it in your silky satisfying salad. Apple cider vinegar functions beautifully too in your acne face wash that I know you can make yourself, having a green thumb and all. Whatever you do with the magical thing that is apple cider vinegar, don’t drink it straight, well, unless you’re nose has been clogged for a couple of weeks, then apple cider vinegar and Mater’s pistachio ice cream (wasabi) might be just for you!


Image Source: Raw Super Food Energy Bars with Cacao