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Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have smoothies, cake, guacamole so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1. Balsamic Saffron Tempeh With New Potatoes, Spring Onions and Shiitakes

Balsamic Saffron Tempeh With New Potatoes, Spring Onions and Shiitakes

Source: Balsamic Saffron Tempeh With New Potatoes, Spring Onions and Shiitakes

Such a dynamic dish that may sound intimidating at first glance but truly is not that complicated! This Balsamic Saffron Tempeh With New Potatoes, Spring Onions and Shiitakes by Valentina Chiappa is a recipe you don’t want to miss!

2. Coconut Cucumber Smoothie 

Coconut Cucumber Smoothie 

Source: Coconut Cucumber Smoothie

This cooling and refreshing Coconut Cucumber Smoothie by Kerry Harling is great for those days when your digestive fire is a little low, which tends to happen in the summer. However, you will still need something nutritious that will sustain you throughout your morning. This smoothie will be ideal, as it cools Pitta and pacifies Vata. Try adding some almond butter if you feel in need of more protein.

3. Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake

Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake 

Source: Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake

This Strawberry Jelly Cream Cake by Kirsten Kaminski is the perfect light and summery treat! It’s not only 100% vegan but can also be made gluten-free! Imagine an airy sponge cake as a base, followed by a fluffy cream layer, topped with a delicious fruity strawberry layer that’s surrounded by jelly – are you drooling yet?

4. Guacamole With Mango 

Guacamole With Mango 

Source: Guacamole With Mango

There are many variants of an avocado, for example, this one. This Guacamole With Mango by Yana Chistyakova with an exotic and tropical touch that, in addition to the main ingredients, also has mango, a fruit that combines perfectly with the other ingredients, providing bittersweet nuances to the dish.

5. Quinoa Coconut Porridge 

Quinoa Coconut Porridge 

Source: Quinoa Coconut Porridge

Incredibly simple yet scrumptious recipe! This Quinoa Coconut Porridge by Judy Moosmueller makes a filling breakfast and the figs add a touch of natural sweetness that’ll make you smile!

6. Sweet Potato Fries With Maple-Tahini Garlic Dip 

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple-Tahini Garlic Dip 

Source: Sweet Potato Fries With Maple-Tahini Garlic Dip

This Sweet Potato Fries With Maple-Tahini Garlic Dip by Christina Bedetta contains an amazing combination of flavors, but you can easily omit or substitute any of the flavorings to make fries that are ideal for your taste buds.

7. Nutrient Dense Blueberry Smoothie 

Nutrient Dense Blueberry Smoothie 

Source: Nutrient Dense Blueberry Smoothie

So here’s what goes into this Nutrient Dense Blueberry Smoothie by Daniela Modesto: Nut milk of your choice, collagen, avocado, coconut oil, almond butter and frozen blueberries. A quick blend and you’ve got yourself a tasty nutrient dense blueberry smoothie to keep you full and satisfied for hours.

8. Raspberry Almond Scones

Raspberry Almond Scones 

Source: Raspberry Almond Scones

Only one bowl and 8 simple ingredients are needed to make these Raspberry Almond Scones by Hayley Canning. Filled with fresh raspberries, they are ready in only 20 minutes!

9. Penne Alla Vodka

Penne Alla Vodka 

Source: Penne Alla Vodka

This Penne Alla Vodka by Gabrielle St. Claire is perfection for countless reasons! It’s quick, easy, affordable, packs protein with the cashews making the dish more filling, packs a gorgeous color, is comprised of minimal ingredients, perf for any season, perf for entertaining, and perf for anyone who’s a fan of this staple dish, but not all the calories that come along with it!!

10. Dirty Martini Bread 

Dirty Martini Bread 

Source: Dirty Martini Bread

Make a martini and toast to the end of an era! ThisDirty Martini Bread by Aileen Metcalf would be perfect for your Mad Men viewing party. Pair it with some sort of hummus or dip and no small amount of swagger. Enjoy!

11. Caramelized Banana and Hazelnut Pancakes 

Caramelized Banana and Hazelnut Pancakes

Source: Caramelized Banana and Hazelnut Pancakes

These Caramelized Banana and Hazelnut Pancakes by Anna Miller are a true breakfast treat! Super fluffy, extra thick and delightfully soft pancakes studded with crunchy hazelnuts and topped with caramelized bananas!

12. Hummingbird Cake 

Hummingbird Cake 

Source: Hummingbird Cake

What a fluffy and yummy cake! This Hummingbird Cake by Gretchen Price is perfect for when you want to step up your dessert game. This cake is beautiful and amazing and it is a must-try!

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