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Looking for simple, fun desserts and dinners that will inspire you to get in the kitchen? Look no further than Holly Jade! She is the owner of The Little Blog of Vegan, a vegan food, lifestyle and beauty blogHolly is passionate about animal welfare, food photography & styling, baking and all things pretty! She has been vegan for 3 years, mainly due to her love of all animals. and her cat Tiggy is her the center of her world.

Holly loves making desserts and cakes. Her recipes are absolutely beautiful, and she has been a long time contributor to our recipe community! Be sure to check out her Instagram for her daily food photos. Her photography and recipes are wonderful, and we hope you will enjoy them. All her recipes can also be found on our app, Food Monster!

Here are 15 of our favorite Holly Jade recipes:

1. Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse
Vegan Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse

This Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse is quick and easy to make and tastes divine! It would be perfect for a special dessert, or even for after Christmas dinner!

2. Unicorn Cheesecake
Vegan Unicorn Cheesecake

As a unicorn, you only deserve the most adorable, elegant sweets. That’s where this fabulous raw vegan Unicorn Cheesecake steps in. As much as this gorgeous ombre of three berry layers and rich vegan buttercream looks like a work of art, it’s actually easy and very fun to make and tastes delicious! When it comes to decorating your unicorn, go wild — top it with plenty of edible flowers, vegan candy, and sprinkle.

3. Pineapple Ice Lollies
Vegan Pineapple Ice Lollies

The sun is finally shining and it’s time for refreshing food! These Pineapple Ice Lollies are the perfect way to cool down as the weather gets warmer. Made without refined sugar, they are fresh, fruity, and delicious. Best of all, they take only a few minutes to make. What could be better than some fresh, homemade ice lollies?!

4. Creamy Peanut Butter Cheesecake
Vegan Creamy Peanut Butter Cheesecake

This irresistible Creamy Peanut Butter Cheesecake is the perfect treat for peanut lovers! You will surely make your friends and family wild over this cheesecake. It’s rich in all the right ways and completely raw. No baking required. Let’s do it.

5. Mexican-Inspired Pinto and Quinoa Veggie Burgers 

Learn how to make delicious Mexican-inspired burgers which are packed full of flavor, nutrients and protein. This pinto bean, mixed quinoa burger served with homemade guacamole, fresh green jalappeños, tomato, lettuce, red onion, Mexican spiced salsa, all in a seeded bun is so delicious! They’re super quick & easy to make and taste restaurant worthy! These burgers are perfect for a healthy, filling lunch or dinner and would be ideal for a BBQ or event.

6. Overnight Strawberry and Coconut Chia Pot 
Vegan Overnight Strawberry and Coconut Chia Pot

These Chia Pots are ultra creamy and fruity, a tasty and refreshing way to start the day or a feel-good dessert!

7. Chocolate and Hazelnut Tartlets
Vegan Chocolate And Hazelnut Tartlets

An extra luxurious and special treat to enjoy any time of year! These crumbly, rich Chocolate and Hazelnut Tartlets are incredibly easy to create and feature a delicious four-ingredient crust!

8. Avocado Bun Black Bean Burgers
Vegan Avocado Bun Burgers

Move over buns, avocados are holding our patties now. These Black Bean Burgers are sandwiched in between two ripe avocado halves and then topped with salsa and salad greens. These burgers are absolutely delicious.

9. Classic Wheat-Free Waffles
Vegan Classic Wheat-Free Waffles

These Classic Wheat Free Waffles are quick, easy, and can be topped with anything from fruit to the chocolate sauce! These waffles are utterly delicious. You’re going to love them!

10. Brownie S’Mores
Vegan Brownie S’mores

This recipe is inspired by the traditional, American campfire dessert: the s’more. These Brownies have a crunch, biscuit base and are topped with a homemade dollop of marshmallow fluff. This recipe elevates the American classic to a new, luxurious level.

11. Easy No-Bake Coffee and Caramel Cream Bars
Vegan Easy No-Bake Coffee and Caramel Cream Bars

These Cream Bars have a rich, dark chocolate base, topped with a layer of coffee cream, coconut cream peaks, homemade caramel sauce and espresso beans. Doesn’t this sound like heaven?! A mix of delicious textures with a silky smooth cream topping and a crispy base. A must if you’re a coffee fan (or love tasty desserts/snacks)!

12. Cherry Bakewell Flapjacks
Vegan Cherry Bakewell Flapjacks

This is a delicious Almond Flapjack Recipe with a hidden layer of jam and dried fruit, finished off with an oat crumble. The incorporated dried cherries give a lovely chewy texture to these flapjacks while adding in an extra burst of cherry flavor.

13. No-Bake Snickers Cheesecake Squares
Vegan No-Bake Snickers Cheesecake Squares

With a base of dates and nuts, a smooth nutty filling topped off with homemade caramel sauce and chocolate…this is a dessert not to miss making! If you like anything nutty and sweet, you will love these Snickers Squares! This recipe only contains natural sugars but will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Skip that Snickers ice cream bar in the market and make these instead.

14. Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts
Vegan Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts [Vegan]

These Cookie and Cream Pop Tarts are a rich chocolaty pastry with a cream filling, topped off with a vanilla glaze and ‘cookies and cream’ cookies. YUM! The actual pastry is gluten-free and very crumbly. These “pop tarts” are surprisingly easy to make, and if you served them at a party or event, everyone will be very surprised with you as they look incredible.

15. Mixed Berry Jam Filled Cupcakes
Vegan Mixed Berry Jam Filled Cupcakes

The combination of the delicious vanilla cake with berry jam is divine. Tastes just like summer! These Jam Filled Cupcakes are that simple, you don’t even have to have a stand mixer…it’s that easy!

Don’t forget, you can find Holly’s recipes and more on our Food Monster AppWith over 10,000 recipes right in the palm of your hand, you’ll always have something delicious and new to try. It’s available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Full of allergy-friendly recipes, subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

Lead Image Source: Unicorn Cheesecake