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Love delicious plant-based recipes made with wholesome ingredients and Mediterranean flavors? Meet Lenia Patsi, a happy mom, wife, runner from sunny Greece! She and her sister, Dimitra love cooking, so they created a blog called The Veggie Sisters where they share delicious plant-based recipes made with wholesome ingredients. Lenia has been vegan for several years now. Some of her recipe staples are fresh seasonal produce using classic Greek flavors. All of her recipes and more can also be found on the Food Monster App.

Here are our 15 favorite recipes by Lenia:

1. Homemade Copycat Ferrero RocherVegan Homemade Copycat Ferrero Roche

You just need a few simple ingredients to make these Copycat Ferrero Rocher. These chocolates are delicious and far healthier than the original. Try them and impress everyone!

2. Two-Sided Chocolate Cake
Vegan Two-Sided Chocolate Cake

This Two-Sided Chocolate Cake is simply the best and a perfect ending to any dinner party! Or just a perfect ending to whatever day.

3. Mushroom Stuffed Shells
Vegan Mushroom Stuffed Shells

This recipe for Mushroom Stuffed Shells is an impressive pasta ideal for formal dinners. The stuffing contains mushrooms and a “cheese” almond cream!

4. Mushroom and Garlic Tarts 
Vegan Mushroom and Garlic Tarts

Whoever said tarts had to be sweet? This savory Garlicky Mushroom Tart is filled with umami flavor, onion-y goodness, and herbs. If you thought a succulent, dairy-free crust was an impossible feat, you will be wowed by this recipe. Absolutely mouthwatering!

5. Eggplant Potato Tartlets
Vegan Eggplant Potato Tartlets

These savory little Eggplant Potato Tarts are filled with a mix of tender eggplant, potato, fresh parsley, and spices. They are made using kourou dough, a Greek type of shortcrust pastry dough. They are the perfect balance of comfort food and elegant appetizer for parties.

6. Pepperonata: Garlicky Bell Pepper Sauce 
Vegan Pepperonata: Garlicky Bell Pepper Sauce

This simple Pepperonata Sauce recipe uses only a few ingredients to create a pasta dish that’s a beautiful tribute to the power of peppers. This versatile sauce is made from bell peppers, lots of garlic, tomatoes, and a hint of mint to finish the dish off.

7. Spicy Balsamic Baked Chips
Spicy Balsamic Baked Eggplant Chips

Looking for a healthier way to snack? These Spicy Balsamic Eggplant Chips will satisfy your craving for crunchy snacks without all the oil, because they’re baked and not fried!

8. Bougatsa: Greek Breakfast Cake
Vegan Bougatsa: Greek Breakfast Cake

Bougatsa is a semi-sweet breakfast cake that originated in Greece. This dense, hearty bread is perfumed with cinnamon and fresh orange zest that make it the perfect way to start your mornings out. Plus, it’s simple and quick to make.

9. Magiritsa: Greek Mushroom Soup 
Vegan Magiritsa: Greek Mushroom Soup

Magiritsa is a traditional Greek dish served after the midnight church service to break the 40 day Great Lent period and is considered to be the best meal to gradually ease your digestive system back into its regular eating habits after the fasting period. This version uses mushrooms in place of meat and cornflour to create the texture normally added by egg.

10. Olive Oil Bread Rolls
Vegan Olive Oil Bread Rolls

Light, fluffy, and savory, these Olive Oil Bread Rolls are perfect for any dish. Whole wheat buns are speckled with tangy olives, fresh rosemary, and garlic powder and topped with sesame and poppy seeds. These rolls are perfect for pairing with soup, dinner, or making sandwiches.

11. Banana Walnut Breakfast Sandwich 
Vegan Banana Walnut Breakfast Sandwich

It’s time to upgrade your breakfast game with this super-yummy Breakfast Sandwich. Toasted bread is spread with peanut butter, stuffed with banana slices, and drizzled with melted chocolate and crunchy walnut pieces. Sounds amazing, right? It’s crispy, sweet, crunchy, and best of all — it’s deceptively good for you, it’s easy to make, and it’ll keep you full!

12. Mushroom Stuffed Cannelloni With Sunflower Seed Cream
Vegan Mushroom Stuffed Cannelloni With Sunflower Seed Cream

Cannelloni are typically stuffed with meat or cheese, but these use an all-vegetable filling instead. White Button and Porcini mushrooms are sautéed with aromatics, an anise-flavored liqueur, and cheesy nutritional yeast which are blended then stuffed inside cannelloni. It’s topped with a simple sunflower seed cream and garnished with fresh dill. These stuffed cannelloni are a dish fit for any special occasion.

13. Cherry Tomato and Pesto Tart
Vegan Cherry Tomato and Pesto Tart

This savory Cherry Tomato and Pesto Tart has big flavor in every bite. It starts with a rustic whole wheat and oat crust seasoned with fresh rosemary. It’s topped with a fresh parsley and walnut pesto, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes that get juicy when roasted.

14. Walnut-Stuffed Chocolate Dates
Vegan Walnut-Stuffed Chocolate Dates

Dates are truly nature’s candy! They’re sticky, caramel-like, and the perfect amount of sweetness. While these tiny fruits are delicious on their own, there are tons of ways to dress ’em up even more. This Walnut-Stuffed Chocolate Dates recipe, for instance, takes the plump date and transforms it into a chocolatey vessel for a crunchy walnut. Easy and elegant!

15. ‘Tuna’ Salad on Toast
Vegan ‘Tuna’ Salad on Toast

Most vegan tuna salads are made from chickpeas, but this Tuna Salad Sandwich uses a combination of chopped almonds and celery. It’s crunchy, refreshing, and tastes surprisingly like tuna salad, thanks to a combination of herbs, spices, and umami notes. The best way to enjoy this is on toasted bread, but it would also taste fantastic on crackers.

For more of Lenia’s awesome recipes, be sure to check out her Author Page, and her website The Veggie Sisters!

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Lead Image Source: The Veggie Sisters

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