So Delicious already has a plethora of frozen desserts, from chocolate soy ice cream and coconut milk creamers to alternative yogurts and vanilla almond milk beverages. Now, So Delicious is soon launching a low-calorie, dairy-free vegan mousse!

Each tub of deliciously cold and creamy mousse will contain only 330 calories, similar to that of Halo Top’s low-calorie desserts. In a few Instagram posts, So Delicious teased customers with their new products with subtle captions, “Strawberry. Chocolate chip. Cranberry-cherry. Salted caramel. Peanut butter. Mango. Lemon. With a flavor for everyone, guilt has met its match. #SOdeliciousdairyfree.”


so delicious vegan mousse

So Delicious/Instagram

The thirty-year-old company has a wide range of vegan delicacies, so this one will be gladly accepted into the arsenal of plant-based staples.

Their Instagram states, “It’s finally here! Introducing new #SOdeliciousdairyfree mousse. A light and fluffy mousse in flavors that make your mouth water. With 330 calories or fewer, your spoons better be ready to put in some overtime.”

Last month, research found that the production of dairy milk produces four times more carbon dioxide than the production of non-dairy milk. Their website states that they ‘are keenly aware of how foods affect a person’s well-being and quality of life. As we listen to the needs and desires of our fans, we have learned that the success of our products is as much about what they do not contain as it is about what they do contain.’


We can’t wait for this tasty vegan mousse!

Make some dairy-free mousse at home!

Until it’s in stores, enjoy these dairy-free homemade mousse recipes from our Food Monster App.

Lemon MousseLemon Mousse  

If you want a homemade version infused with lemon flavors, then you’ll love this Lemon Mousse. Even just looking at this will brighten your day, so imagine what will happen after you eat them. You better find out.

Salted Caramel Chocolate MousseSalted Caramel Chocolate Mousse

For a sweet and savory recipe, try this Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse! It would be perfect as a special dessert.


Chocolate Mousse With Cranberry and Almond CrunchChocolate Mousse With Cranberry and Almond Crunch

For a chocolate mousse, try this rich Chocolate Mousse With Cranberry and Almond Crunch. Top with the cranberry, almond, and buckwheat crunchy mixture for some added texture! Yum.

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