In the past few years, health nuts and snack enthusiasts alike have been steering away from junk food in search of nutritious products that provide feel-good sustenance. Realizing that many consumers are no longer satisfied with greasy potato chips and “fruity” snacks that are really more candy than fruit, companies are starting to unveil more snacks that incorporate whole food ingredients and “superfoods.” These snacks and pre-packaged meals are aiming to be “guilt-free” and provide sustenance that will actually stave off hunger for more than an hour.

One of the ingredients we are seeing pop up in all sorts of products? Chickpeas! With just one cup of chickpeas providing 15 grams of protein and just four grams of fat, we can see why! Nowadays, there are chickpea chips, flour, cookies, and even cereal. The chickpea is such a versatile pulse, we think the list will only grow. But for now, check out these 15 products that are not only powered with chickpeas but available online!