Last month, chef and restaurateur Makini Howell — the mastermind behind the popular vegan restaurant Plum Bistro, Sugar PlumPlum PantryQuickie Too, and the Plum Burgers food truck as well — soft opened a new Stevie Wonder-inspired salad bar in Seattle, Washington. Called”Plum Chop’t”, the salads are all vegan, just like Stevie!

Howell spent 2015 touring with the music legend, and each of the salads offered at Plum Chop’t are named after Stevie himself or an experience Howell had while touring with him.


According to Veg News, menu items at Plum Chop’t include the “Travelin’ Thru Memphis” salad, which features barbecue baked beans, the “Take Me on Tour” salad, which comes with a sprinkling of vegan parmesan as well as crispy, fried chickpeas, and the “Red Blooded Vegan” salad, which is served with some slabs of plant-based bacon.

The salads all run for around $9, according to their Yelp page, and they are open until 4 p.m. most weekdays.

Here’s an insider’s look of some of the Stevie Wonder-inspired salad creations. Can you spy the baked beans?

Plum Restaurants/Facebook

If you ask us, all of these salads seem to feature a variety of textures. There are crispy, fried toppings, lush and juicy whole tomatoes, creamy plant-based cheeses, chewy bacon bits, and more. Yum!


Not in Seattle? Recreate The Salads at Home!

If you’re not in Seattle, Washington, don’t let that stop you from creating your own vegan salad at home. We looked through our Food Monster App to bring you some salad recipes that incorporate the key ingredients Howell used to honor the musician.

This Bright Beet Salad With Quinoa and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds makes use of beets, grains, and seeds, just like Howell’s “Turn Up The Beet” salad at Plum Chop’t.

If you’re getting bored of salads get ready to get excited – this salad is anything but ordinary. Ruby red beets are shredded, then tossed in a citrusy vinaigrette along with creamy chunks of avocado, carrots, edamame, hearty quinoa, and toasty pumpkin seeds. Then, the whole thing is drizzled with a tangy, lemony dressing that will rock your socks.

Toss these Easy, Healthy, Homemade Baked Beans by Rebecca Weller into any salad to amp up the flavor and nutrition.

Beans are packed with protein, iron, B vitamins, and fiber, and using teeny tomatoes in this recipe sweetens the deal without any need for additional sweeteners.

Don’t forget to top your salad with some plant-based bacon. This Jackfruit Bacon by Jasmine Briones is meaty and smoky.

Who would’ve thought that you could take a fruit and make it taste like bacon? Well, with jackfruit, it’s possible! This tender, fleshy fruit soaks up flavors wonderfully, so when marinated in a smoky, pepper-maple mixture, it tastes just like the meaty favorite. Use this bacon on top of salads and baked potatoes or as a breakfast side dish.



If you’re interested in finding some more vegan recipes, then we highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 8,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten new recipes per day. Check it out!


Lead image source: Krista Kennell/Shutterstock