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At Sans, located in Brooklyn, New York, and opened by Chef Champ Jones they are trying to spice things up in the plant-based community. Jones wants not only to appeal to vegan eaters, but to prepare food that will attract all eaters, regardless of their diet, by avoiding, “virtuous,” healthy menu items and opting for food that is decadent, tasty, and satiating.

Jones explains that at Sans they want to, “appeal to people outside of the vegan world. The mission is to be delicious, pleasurable, and accessible to all people, if they’re open-minded to go for what we’re doing.”

The menu will include snacks like crispy potato lattice with chive dip, and bread with malted garlic butter made from palm fat. They will also feature appetizers like plum terrine with pickled plum, jam, and brioche; smoked sea vegetables; a vegan Parmesan cream with smoked olive oil, yeast extract, and soy milk; and a tarte flambée with maitake mushrooms. For dinner, Sans will offer porcini-mushroom risotto, lasagna, and vegan pommes purée.

Chef Jones recognizes that they are truly thinking outside of the box with this menu, creating dishes that are almost unheard of. Jones plans to run Sans for a year, so he can experiment, and then will continue running the restaurant if it is a huge success. He says that him and his staff are, “passionate about what we do and what we can bring as a new form of dining. We want to create more optimism for dining in this mode.”

Sans is located at 329 Smith Street Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, NY 11231.

Are you trying to revamp your plant based diet?

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Olive and Pepper Cheese Terrine

Image Source: Olive and Pepper Cheese Terrine

This terrine recipe from the cookbook Vegan Cheese: Simple, Delicious Plant-Based Recipes, is elegant and perfect to serve as an appetizer at a fancy dinner party. It is layered with cashew cheese, olive tapenade, and roasted red pepper tapenade, and pairs very well with crackers.

Champignon Mushroom Risotto

Image Source: Champignon Mushroom Risotto 

This risotto recipe by blogger Peffe Stahl is infused with white wine, fresh rosemary, and garlic, and topped with meaty champignon mushrooms, creating a decadent and creamy entree.

Spinach and Mushroom Alfredo Lasagna

Image Source: Spinach and Mushroom Alfredo Lasagna

This lasagna created by Kristen Genton, is not your average lasagna. It utilizes a homemade, vegan alfredo sauce instead of the traditional marinara, making it extra cheesy and decadent.

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Lead Image Source: Tarte Flambe with Almond Cream/One Green Planet