This is your comprehensive guide to finding 10 of the most popular tofu scrambles in Los Angeles. No matter if you’re a long-time bean curd lover or new to the world of eggless breakfasts, we came up with a list that will ensure you’ll always be able to have a delicious brunch, no matter where you are in the city. We chose these products based on Yelp reviews and popularity but also used our discretion to be certain we were being fair to the many contenders – there are so many great scrambles out there! This list is not based on ranking, priority, or any other particular order. All reviews are real, from real Yelpers. Happy eating!

Below are the 10 most popular tofu scrambles in LA along with real quotes from people who have tried them!


  1. Food: Tofu Scramble (West LA)

    Suki W./Yelp

    Tofu, spinach, yukon gold potatoes, roasted peppers, onion marmalade, soy free vegan cheese, toast.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “Love love their tofu scramble! It’s super delish.” –Suki W.

    2. “Tofu scramble – perfect. Fresh and delicious” –Meg W.

    3. “Tofu scramble for brunch is maybe the best I’ve ever had. Prefer it to eggs even, wow, that’s amazing.” –Melanie C.

    4. “When i made the simple choice of ” Scramble Tofu” I was worried that it would come out looking like a major mess and regret paying $16 for lunch! But really it was colorful and appealing. Taste was simply put…Amazing balls, I really was shocked out of my seat on how yummy my plate was!” –Rebecca H.

    5. “The girl across from me was eating tofu breakfast scramble – I don’t even like tofu but I’d get this thing it looked so good!” –Lisa G.

  2. Millie's Cafe: Angel's Mess (Silver Lake)


    Organic tofu scrambled with vegan sausage, fresh salsa, and casein-free soy cheese.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “WOW! Angels mess was amazing! The best tofu scramble I’ve ever had!” –Emma P.

    2. “The coffee was fantastic, and the tofu scramble was light and unexpectedly spicy with a lot of vegetables.” –Katie H.

    3. “My “angel’s mess” with tofu scrambled with vegan sausage and heaped with fantastic guacamole and pico de gallo was just the feast I was craving.” –Tracy P.

    4. “Heaven heaven heaven. it’s a tofu scramble with vegan sausage that gives it a great texture. so much flavor. and i loved the guac in it as well. did i mention it was GIGANTIC?” –Jenn B.

    5. “My mom and I had a very delicious breakfast here- I ordered the Angel’s Mess – scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, pretty sure it was Follow Your Heart cheese, salsa, avocado and fruit.” –Katrina B.

  3. The Vegan Joint: Tofu Scramble With Pancakes (Various locations)

    Cheryl R./Yelp

    Tofu pancakes topped with soy bacon bits and cheese and served with pancake.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “Sunday morning I got the pancakes and the scramble. It was really good. Filled me up and tasted really good.” –Joshua M.

    2. “The tofu scramble … is one of my favorites.” –Joyce S.

    3. “I also love the high protein salad and the tofu scramble. Thank you Vegan Joint for always being there for me, week after week!” –Sonya Z.

    4. “Amazing scrambled tofu with hashbrowns and vegan cheese. pretty sure it was follow your heart because it melted nicely and had a really authentic cheesey flavor.” –Laura V.

    5. “They have Omelets, tofu scramble, and vegan pancakes which are a rare find!” –Xtina D.

  4. Local: Create Your Own Scramble (Silver Lake)

    Michelle K./Yelp

    GMO-free tofu, add veggies including spinach, mushrooms, tomato, broccoli, zucchini, roasted bell pepper, or caramelized onion.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “Huge portions…tofu scramble..yum with home potatoes..loved the spicy dip that accompanied my dish.” –Alice H.

    2. “I had the tofu scramble and it was the first time I’ve had a scramble without tons of flavoring and salt. I like tofu. I like to taste it. Local let me taste it and I loved it.” –Genevieve R.

    3. “My gf had the tofu scramble and practically licked her plate.” –Lindsay V.

    4. “Ordered scrambled tofu with tomatoes, spinach and fruit. it was delicious. everything organic and gmo free tofu.” –Michelle K.

    5. “I made my own vegan tofu scramble and it was delicious.” –Brea G.

  5. Flore Vegan Cuisine: Tofu Scramble (Silver Lake)

    Candy B./Yelp

    Savory tofu, tomato, mushroom, red onion, and basil scramble served atop sautéed kale.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “The tofu egg scramble really tastes like eggs! Thank God for Flore.” –Gary R.

    2. “Tofu Scramble with Tempeh Bacon Wow … LOVED IT.” –Niambi M.

    3. “The breakfast burrito and the tofu scramble and the vegan Benedict are all standouts, along with the biscuits and gravy.” –Travis M.

    4. “The tofu scramble inside had plenty of flavor and their tempeh bacon was delicious.” –Amanda C.

    5. “Flore is also the first place I have ever had a full VEGAN BREAKFAST, with the yummy tempeh bacon and tofu scramble reminding me that I don’t have to miss a thing being vegetarian.” –Deanne H.

  6. Blu Jam Cafe: Spicy Tex Mex Tofu Hash (Fairfax)

    Dave R./Yelp

    Tofu scrambled with black beans, onion, chipotle, cilantro, grilled potatoes, tomatoes, salsa fresca, and avocado, served with GMO free corn tortillas.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “They have tofu scramble which I got and it was unlike any tofu scramble I’ve ever had. It was flavored with a tomato based sauce that was out of this world.” –Em G.

    2. “I had the Tex Mex Tofu Scramble. It was healthy and delicious. Some places make their tofu scrambles too oily or too bland. Not here. They make it with just the right combo of black beans, tofu, salsa, green peppers, and cilantro and add a slice of rosemary wheat bread on the side to top it all off.” –Rebecca P.

    3. “My friend ordered a tasty tofu scramble with spinach which she absolutely loved.” –Kelly P.

    4. “BEST DISH EVER!!!!! Omg, this is insane good – if you are a fan of tofu, black beans, chilanto, avocado – well all of the above you will LOVE this – it was seriously, ridiculously tasty!” –Candace L.

    5. “Also after trying the tofu tex mex scramble I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. Amazing!” –Aurora N.

  7. The Grain Cafe: Egg and Bacon Bagel (Mid-City)

    Michael S./Yelp

    Tofu egg, kale, tomato, tempeh bacon, served with fresh fruits.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “I had a delicious tofu scramble bagel sandwich. So hard to find a good tofu scramble in LA. They make a good one here” –Sissy Z.

    2. “I’ve had the Egg and Bacon Bagel, and it was excellent. The tempeh bacon had flavorful and smoky bacon taste, and the tofu egg was almost indistinguishable from real eggs (I’m not a vegetarian).” –Jay C.

    3. “Delicious! Ordered the bacon and egg bagel.” –Deborah L.

    4. “Wow. So good. Literally one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever had. Amazing “egg and bacon” bagel.” –Richard S.

    5. “I order delivery from here every other week, craving the club or tofu and tempeh bagel.” –Aja C.

  8. Tierra Cafe: Breakfast Burrito (Downtown)


    Burrito with scrambled tofu, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “The tofu scramble was amazing and had a little bit of broth at the bottom that I was able to dip the accompanying baguettes into!” –Nishad J.

    2. “Tried the breakfast burrito which was huge, very filling and delicious. Filled with black beans, tofu scramble, vegan cheese, guacamole.” –Merris W.

    3. “Their tofu breakfast burrito is amazing! It is the best tofu burrito that I have ever had. I’m not a vegetarian but I crave this burrito.” –Jennie V.

    4. “Love it. Great, interesting, healthy food. The burritos are incredible.” –Cami S.

    5. “We got the breakfast burrito … The burrito is the best I ever had.” –Sk K.

  9. M Cafe de Chaya: Scrambled Organic Tofu (Fairfax)


    Scrambled organic tofu with smoky tempeh bacon, sweet potato  hash and grilled country bread.

    Here’s what people are saying about this scramble…

    1. “Their breakfasts are my favorite – namely the tofu scramble with sweet potato home fries and tempeh bacon.” –Julie H.

    2. “The breakfast enchilada [with tofu scramble] is a great for breakfast but really I could eat this at any hour of the day.” –Caleb B.

    3. “Tofu scramble was also good – it came with soy bacon and baked yam dish. All of these came out fresh.” –Yoon P.

    4. “The tofu scramble was indeed good.” –Johanna V.

    5. “We both ordered the Tofu Scramble which I have always been a fan of Tofu Scramble.” –Christina S.

  10. Nickel Diner: The Animal Lover (Downtown)

    Nickel Diner

    Tofu scramble with spinach, roasted garlic, sweet peppers, beans (ask for no goat cheese to make it vegan).

    1. “The vegan tofu scramble and vegan rancheros are amazing, and don’t make you feel sick after eating them like typical greasy breakfast food.” –Kaitlin M.

    2. “Amazing! Hit the spot! I had the tofu scramble and it was perfect. The flavors blended amazingly and I like the fact that they gave you tabasco sauce and salsa on the side.” –J D.

    3. “The Animal Lover (vegetarian tofu scramble) … as well as an extraordinary line-up of desserts make this a must to do for those seeking breakfast bliss.” –Douglas S.

    4. “Had the Animal Lovers Veggie Tofu Scramble and it was excellent along with an Arnold Palmer which was made with an incredibly yummy mint leaf lemonade.” –Char F.

    5. “The scramble was tasty … I kind of wish I lived in LA just so I could experience lunch and dinner at this place.” –Sarah B.

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