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Wheat Gluten (or Seitan) is often referred to as “Wheat-Meat” because of it’s ability to replicate the texture and flavor of meat.  Seitan can be cooked to replicate almost any kind of meat through cooking method, seasoning, and other added ingredients. Seitan is one of the highest sources of plant-based protein and is the perfect option for those looking for a soy-free meat replacement.

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1. Homemade Beefy SeitanCh2 Beefyseitan 1801msec 2

This combination of mushrooms, soy sauce, and red wine give this seitan a deep umami flavor. Making your own meat substitute might seem like a complicated task, but this Homemade Beefy Seitan recipe is easy to follow and will leave you with results far better than processed, packaged seitan!

2. Carving Board Seitan ‘Pastrami’Carving Board Vegan Pastrami

This Carving Board Seitan Pastrami is mouthwateringly delicious and tastes just like it has been sliced fresh and served up hot from the deli counter. This salty, savory deli-casy will make you the sandwich of your dreams or you can just eat it as is – it’s that good!

3. Chicken-Style Seitan Chicken Style Seitan

Seitan is a necessity for anyone learning about plant-based cooking and this recipe will show you how to make your seitan feel and taste just like chicken. The seitan is simmered in broth to get a slightly softer texture than you’d get from baking or steaming it. This Chicken-Style Seitan the perfect building block for a myriad of tasty meals.

4. Buffalo Seitan ‘Wings’ Buffalo Seitan Wings B

You can’t have a party without Buffalo wings and these ones are sure to be the star of the show. Made from seitan, these Buffalo Seitan ‘Wings’ are meaty, flavorful, and coated with a crispy batter that’s drenched in spicy Buffalo sauce. Pair with fresh celery and dairy-free blue cheese dip.

5. Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh RibsSeitan Ribs 1066x8002 1066x8001

These ribs are indulgent, delicious and will satisfy any BBQ cravings you may get. Serve them with some mashed potatoes and cole slaw or your favorite BBQ fixin’s. These Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs make a great appetizer or entree.

6. Savory Seitan Roast Savory Seitan Roast

This Savory Seitan Roast is simmered in broth to infuse it with flavor, then rubbed with cayenne pepper and baked with leftover broth to give it even more flavor. This tender roast is perfect as it is or you can use it as a substitute for meat in stews, chilis, as deli slices in a sandwich, or as steak.

7. Seitan With Chickpea Flour [Vegan]Seitan

Seitan is one of the most versatile meat substitutes and this recipe makes it easy to make this staple at home. Made from protein-rich wheat gluten, this recipe is both tasty and nutritious. You can do just about anything with this Seitan With Chickpea Flour from sandwiches to stir fries.

8.Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chili Sauce [Vegan]How to Make Perfect Seitan

After braising in the spicy chile sauce, these Braised Seitan Short Ribs will be tender to the point of almost falling apart. Serve them over mashed potatoes and ladle more of the sauce over everything, after you’ve placed the seitan ribs on top of the mash potatoes. This dish is so comforting, warm, and satisfying.

9. Meat-Free Haute Dogs [Vegan]haute dogs

Casual comfort food at its best — the iconic hot dog has been transformed into a healthy sausage link of deliciousness using plant-based ingredients: the Meat-Free Haute Dog! These meat-free dogs are made from tofu, wheat protein, and oat flour seasoned with a blend of savory spices to make them taste just like the American classic. Serve with mustard, ketchup, and plenty of relish.

10.Grilled Seitan Asada [Vegan]Grilled Seitan Asada

This seitan is a real crowd-pleaser at a grill and it’s so easy to make. These seitan steaks are marinated in a spicy sauce overnight, to give it as much time as possible to absorb all the flavors. The next day, all you need to do is throw it on the grill and cook until it chars just slightly. Serve this Grilled Seitan Asada in tacos, burrito bowls, or with barbecue sides like corn on the cob, beans, and coleslaw. All of these side-dish recipes can be found and viewed on our Food Monster App available in the app store.

11. Homemade Simmered Seitan [Vegan]Homemade Simmered Seitan

This Homemade Simmered Seitan is simmered in a zesty broth composed of spices such as ginger, thyme, oregano, chili flakes, and turmeric. You can follow the recipe as is, or throw in your favorite spices. Having seitan made and on hand is super useful for making quick stir-fries, savory pies, and stews. Enjoy!

12. Seitan Pot Roast [Vegan]seitan pot roast

This isn’t exactly like a traditional meat pot roast your mom would have prepared for dinner, but if you make this plant-based version for her, she’ll probably beg you for the recipe! Who wouldn’t want to know all the secrets to preparing tender homemade seitan in a lip-smacking vegetable stew? Plus, this Seitan Pot Roast is made in a slow cooker, so you can just throw everything in, go about your day, and come home to a warm, comforting meal.

13. Seitan Steak in Beurre Blanc Sauce7 Common Cooking Problems You May Run Into When Going Vegan and How to Tackle Them

Here’s a seitan steak that will leave vegans and meat-eaters alike craving for more! The beurre blanc sauce ladled over the ‘steak’ uses a combination of fresh parsley and fennel fronds. The fries served alongside this Seitan Steak in Beurre Blanc Sauce are oven-baked to crispy perfection.

14. Seitan ParmigianaSeitan Parmigiana

This Seitan Parmigiana will make you forget all about the Italian-American original. Tender, meaty seitan is coated in an herby cornmeal breading then fried to crispy perfection. It’s served with a delicious vegetable marinara with broccoli and carrots and topped with melty vegan cheese or nutritional yeast. This dish brings a unique melange of texture and flavor to the table.

15. Mini Stuffed Seitan Roasts With Instant Mushroom Gravy [Vegan]Mini Stuffed Seitan Roasts With No-Cook Stuffing and Instant Mushroom Gravy

Don’t be intimidated — these are the easiest homemade roasts you’ll ever make. The savory bread stuffing in this recipe requires no pre-cooking at all, nor does the gravy, which takes only a minute of your time. Once everything is prepped, you just pop it in the oven and let the magic happen. These Mini Stuffed Seitan Roasts With Instant Mushroom Gravy are an effortless yet flavorful dinner ready for any hungry crowd.

Try out one of our homemade Seitan recipes to replicate your favorite dish and make sure to download our Food Monster App available in the app store to access these great recipes and thousands more!

Lead image source: Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs