Many people say that eating dark chocolate is good for you because it contains a lot of antioxidants. That’s usually why when people indulge in dark chocolate as opposed to, say, milk chocolate, they feel like they are indulging in a “guilt-free treat.” Well, did you know that raw chocolate is even healthier than dark?  That’s right. Less processed, often bitter tasting raw cacao is considered the “purest” type of chocolate you can consume. Cacao is thought to be the highest source of antioxidants of all foods and the highest source of magnesium of all foods. Grown in the warm climate of Central and South America, among other places like Mexico, cacao beans are the base of chocolates and many dessert dishes, and have been used throughout many cultures for years for health purposes.

Cacao beans heated at a low temperature are considered raw, and nowadays can be seen in all sorts of forms from bars to truffles. Here are 15 raw vegan chocolates you should check out right now!