Dessert is a pretty hard food category to give up, even for the biggest health nuts out there. We’re tempted by it at the end of dinners, desserts lined up beautifully in bakery windows call out our name, and goodness knows, not picking up a chocolate bar while checking out at a bodega is a feat all its own. While it’s good not to overindulge in overly processed sweets and treats that are pumped with refined sugars, laden with dairy, and chock full of dyes and artificial ingredients, there are desserts in existence that are definitely on the wholesome side. Here, at One Green Planet, we love raw vegan desserts. By definition, raw desserts are made up of whole foods, are minimally processed, and are either cooked gently or not at all so the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes remain in the food. And nowadays, you can find all sorts of raw vegan desserts from macarons and cookies to tarts and brownies. In fact, here are 15 raw vegan ready-made desserts you can buy online!