Dessert is a pretty hard food category to give up, even for the biggest health nuts out there. We’re tempted by it at the end of dinners, desserts lined up beautifully in bakery windows call out our name, and goodness knows, not picking up a chocolate bar while checking out at a bodega is a feat all its own. While it’s good not to overindulge in overly processed sweets and treats that are pumped with refined sugars, laden with dairy, and chock full of dyes and artificial ingredients, there are desserts in existence that are definitely on the wholesome side. Here, at One Green Planet, we love raw vegan desserts. By definition, raw desserts are made up of whole foods, are minimally processed, and are either cooked gently or not at all so the nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes remain in the food. And nowadays, you can find all sorts of raw vegan desserts from macarons and cookies to tarts and brownies. In fact, here are 15 raw vegan ready-made desserts you can buy online!


  1. Righteously Raw Brownie Mouthfuls

    Enjoy the fudgy and chocolaty taste of brownies in a whole new form with these Righteously Raw Brownie Mouthfuls. These bite-sized chocolate treats have a cacao shell exterior with a filling made from dates, cacao powder, cacao butter, agave, raisins, coconut oil, salt, and vanilla bean powder. They are organic, gluten-free, and soy-free. Reviewers are saying that these chocolaty morsels are a “nice little chocolate fix,” are pretty guilt-free (especially since they’re raw and organic), and are satisfying (even if you eat just one). A few reviewers did point out, however, that it’s probably best to only eat one of these at a time since each bite is 100 calories and has a decent amount of sugar from the agave and the dried fruit. If you’d like to try them out, you can get  a box of 12 bites for about $28. That’s about $2 per brownie bite.

  2. Chunkie Dunkies: Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chunkie Dunkies: Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies offer a unique experience for even the biggest chocolate chip cookie lover. While most cookies are made with flour, eggs, and milk, Chunkie Dunkies are made entirely from dehydrated, sprouted, organic, and vegan ingredients. Specifically, these cookies are made with whole raw almonds, whole raw cashews, sprouted buckwheat groats, dried unsulphured coconut, whole raw walnuts, vanilla beans, vegan chocolate chips, pure maple syrup, raw agave, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, and sea salt. Reviewers are saying that these cookies are good quality, have a nice texture, and are a healthier way to satisfy a sweet tooth. You can get two packs (eight cookies in total) for $15.

  3. Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons

    Hail Merry Caramel Sea Salt Macaroons are made from a mixture of the following organic ingredients: shredded coconut, maple syrup, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, Madagascar vanilla, and Celtic sea salt. Like the rest of Hail Merry’s products, these gluten-free macaroons are 100 percent vegan, and are dehydrated at low temperatures to keep the nutrients intact. Hail Merry suggests enjoying these treats at room temperature. Reviewers are reporting that these macaroons have a “mellow sweetness,” are “melty and rich,” and are a delightful healthy option to the usual sugar-laden coconut favorite. You can get eight bags for about $50 (each bag has eight macaroons).

  4. Go Raw Ginger Snap Sprouted Cookies

    Go Raw Ginger Snap Sprouted Cookies are an unconventional type of cookie. In fact, they are not even baked! These raw cookies are made with the following organic ingredients: unsulphured coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, dates, and ginger powder. Reviewers are saying that these cookies are sweet but very wholesome since the sweetness comes from dates, are nice and crunchy, and are easier than making your own dehydrated, sprouted cookies. You can get a pack of six, three-ounce bags for about $20.

  5. Nutiva O’Coconut Treats

    Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ignore all of your sweet cravings (if that’s even possible…) Nutiva O’Coconut Treats are the prime example of the kind of treat that you can still enjoy even if you’re trying to eat healthy. They are lightly sweetened with coconut flakes, have the smoothness and nourishment from coconut oil, and enjoy a nutty burst of flavor from hemp and chia. They’re also individually wrapped so that you can just grab one for the road. Reviewers are reporting that these bite-sized treats are soft, perfect for coconut lovers, and satisfying (even if you just have one). You can get one package of eight pieces for a bit more than $5.50.

  6. Lulu's Maca Buttercups

    Peanut butter and chocolate may be the original combo for butter cups, but there’s always room for variety! Lulu’s Maca Buttercups, for instance, are raw, organic, fair trade, soy-free, and gluten-free chocolate cups. The cups themselves are made from 78 percent cacao, the filling is a mixture of maca and creamy almond butter, and they are also sprinkled with a bit of sea salt. Reviewers are saying that these cups are “exquisite,” “are unmatched in terms of health,” and one reviewer even said this was the “best chocolate they ever had.” Many reviewers are commenting that these cups are quite expensive, given the size, but that the price is somewhat understandable considering the high-quality ingredients. You can get a pack with two cups, for $6.00.

  7. Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Coco-Roons

    Why go through the effort of making a lemon pie, getting forks and knives out, and cleaning up, when you can enjoy it all of the same refreshing flavor in a bite-sized treat? Wonderfully Raw Lemon Pie Coco-Roons are a raw, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO dessert made with dried unsweetened coconut, almond flour, unfiltered maple syrups, cold-pressed coconut oil, lemon zest, vanilla extract, and Himalayan crystal salt. The reviews are somewhat mixed on this one. Some reviewers felt that the macaroons were sufficiently moist and delightfully lemony. Others found them to be dry, not quite as strong in flavor as they expected, and a bit too pricey. To see how you feel about them yourself, you can get one 6.2-ounce bag (eight cookies) for about $7.99.

  8. Simply Dara Raw Balls

    There are two types of people: those who adore the taste of cookies straight from the oven, and those whose cookies never make it to the oven because they love the taste of cookie dough too much. If you consider yourself the latter, you will likely enjoy Simply Dara Raw Balls. This posting is for a six-bag variety pack which includes the following flavors: Original Cacao, Cranberry Almond, Apricot Oat, Dark Chocolate Chile, and two Combo bags. These treats are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free. Reviewers are raving about this product saying that it is delicious, incredibly wholesome, energizing, and even make a nice pre-workout snack. To see if you feel the same, you can get six bags (12 raw balls per bag) for $72.

  9. GoodBites Coconut Brownie Bites

    Instead of starting your day with a superfood-filled smoothie, you try ending your day with a superfood-infused dessert? GoodBites Coconut Brownie Bites are raw, organic, gluten-free, and vegan treats made with coconut flakes, maple syrup, cacao powder, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and pure vanilla powder. Reviewers are saying that these bites are tasty (and lightly sweetened), satisfying, and gives a nice boost of energy because of the cacao. You can get 12 packs (three bites per pack) for $30.

  10. Happy Day Raw Foods Cinnamon Macaroon Cookies

    Enjoy one of the most beloved spices of the fall season with Happy Day Raw Foods Cinnamon Macaroon Cookies. These raw, organic, and paleo-friendly cookies are made with five ingredients: organic shredded coconut, coconut milk (made from young coconuts), organic dates, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic cinnamon. They are also gluten-free. Reviewers are saying that these treats taste very raw and make for a hearty snack. You can get three bags (two cookies per bag) for a little less than $6.

  11. Addictive Wellness Chocolate Cups

    The goal of Addictive Wellness Chocolate Cups are exactly what you’d expect it to be: getting you addicted to treats that improve your wellness. And what treat is more addictive than chocolate? Their chocolates are raw and sugar-free, sweetened only using organic stevia and birch xylitol. They even incorporate superfoods and super herbs from cultures around the world, like tree mushrooms, maca, and mesquite. This particular posting is for their “Beauty” chocolate, which contains Tremella and Chaga (tree mushrooms) and horsetail (a nutritious and edible plant). Reviewers are saying that these chocolate cups are delicious, made from nourishing ingredients, and are, indeed, addicting. You can get a three-pack of boxes for about $23.

  12. Soul Sprout Cacao Almond Butter Truffles

    Soul Sprout Cacao Almond Butter Truffles are raw, sprouted, and organic truffles made from four simple ingredients: organic date paste, organic coconut syrup, organic cacao nibs, organic coconut oil, and organic almonds. Each package (three truffles) contains eight grams of protein. Reviewers are saying that this chocolate is one of the healthiest on the shelves, is energizing, and deliciously nutty. A few reviewers, while agreeing that the chocolate is yummy, have warned that almond shell fragments can sometimes be found in the truffles, so beware. You can get a pack of six two-ounce packages for a little under $15.

  13. Hail Merry Coconut Vanilla Creme Miracle Tart

    Hail Merry Coconut Vanilla Creme Miracle Tart is a raw treat made with a raw almond flour crust,organic shredded coconut, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic coconut water, organic palm sugar, raw cashews, organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and sea salt. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free, and paleo. Reviewers are describing this tart as guiltless, satisfying, and minimalist (due to the short list of high-quality ingredients). Hail Merry suggests adding fruit on top of the tart, or you can smear on some peanut butter, as one reviewer did. You can get eight three-ounce tarts for $55.

  14. Go Raw Spiced Chai Sprouted Cookies

    If you like chai lattes, you will likely enjoy these Go Raw Spiced Chai Sprouted Cookies. They are made with organic unsulphured coconut, sprouted organic sesame seeds, organic dates, organic spices, and organic orange peel. They are nut-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Reviewers are saying that these cookies are delicious (though the chai flavor is pretty mild), slightly chewy, and wholesome. You can get a pack of four three-ounce bags for about $28.75.

  15. Emmy's Cacao Macaroons

    Emmy’s Dark Cacao Macaroons are a gluten-free, organic, raw, and dairy-free treat made from organic coconut, organic raw agave, organic raw cacao powder, almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, natural fair trade vanilla flavor, and Himalayan crystal salt. Each macaroon only has five grams of sugar. Reviewers are saying that these macaroons are delicious, made from an excellent combination of ingredients, are good for various diet types, and since they’re so dense, you’re easily satisfied after just one. Just beware, as a few reviewers pointed out, just one macaroon has 100 calories, so if you eat the entire bag of three, that’s a 300-calorie indulgence. If you want to try these out, you can get 12 three-macaroon packs for about $34.50.

    Lead image source: Chocolate and Banana Buttercups