In an ideal world, we would all have time to cook ourselves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, as anyone with a busy schedule knows, this is close to impossible. Thankfully, there are tons of power bars you can buy nowadays to help get you through the day. The only issue is: how do you know which bars are pretty much masquerading as candy and which ones are actually nourishing?

Well, a good first step is to grab a raw one. Bars made with most, if not all, raw ingredients are manufactured in a way that ensures that the nutrients stay right where you want them: in the bar! Raw bars stray away from processed grains and dairy and instead opt for nuts, fruits, dates, and natural sugars, like coconut nectar. These wholesome ingredients ensure that in addition to a yummy taste, your bar is also supplying a healthy dose of energizing nourishment. There are even some products that can replace a meal entirely! Don’t know where to start? Check out these 15 power bars that are raw and vegan!



  1. Amrita Energy Bars

    Figuring out which flavor of energy bar is a common issue. This variety pack of Amrita Energy Bars doesn’t make you choose! It comes with six different flavors – Chocolate Maca, Apricot Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Mango Coconut, Cranberry Raisin, and Pineapple Chia. Each bar is made with mostly organic ingredients including brown rice protein, sunflower seed butter, date paste, tahini, chia seeds, and then depending on the flavor, dried fruit or cacao. Each bar is raw, gluten-free, soy-free, and peanut-free. Reviewers are raving about the delicious and wholesome ingredients. It is worth noting, however, that while this product is free of nuts, it is produced in a facility where others nuts are present – this may pose a problem for people with severe allergies. You can get 12 of these bars (two of each flavor) for $27.

  2. Bearded Brothers Radical Raspberry Lemon Bars

    Want to grow a gnarly beard all while getting some amazing energy?! Okay, Bearded Brothers Raspberry Lemon Bars won’t really help you grow a beard, like one Amazon reviewer joked, but it definitely seems to provide a decent dose of energy. Made from organic figs, dates, hemp seeds, raspberries, lemon, and a little bit of sunflower seed butter this product is mostly raw (except for the sun butter) and is gluten, soy, G.M.O, and nut free. If you’re following a strict raw diet, some of the other flavors Bearded Brothers offers are completely raw, although we’ll note that this flavor seems to be a favorite according to reviews. You can get 12 of these bars for $40.

  3. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Bars

    Amazing Grass Green Superfood Bars are chock full of wholesome ingredients including cashews, flax seeds, almond butter, wheat grass, maca, spinach, spirulina, broccoli, and green tea. It’s also given a touch of sweetness by dates, cranberries, coconut, vanilla, and açai. Unlike other bars that almost taste like candy bars, reviewers share that this bar has fresh and yummy, natural flavor. You can get 12 of these raw and gluten-free bars for about $28.

  4. Raw Bite Coconut Bars

    Raw Bite Coconut Bars leave nothing to the imagination, and by that we mean that Raw Bite explains exactly how their bar is broken down. Their gluten-free coconut bar is made with 58 percent fruit (dates and raisins), 26 percent nuts (almonds and cashews) and 16 percent coconut. Pretty straightforward! Reviewers report that this bar is tasty, nutrient-rich, and an ideal post-gym snack. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can get 12 bars for $36.

  5. Raw Rev Glo Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bars

    Find yourself needing a protein boost in the middle of the day? Consider stocking up on some Raw Rev Glo Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Bars. They are made with peanuts, pea protein, brown rice protein, chia seeds, hemp, coconut oil, and flax seeds, and have 12 grams of protein. With no added sugar, these bars only have a hint of sweetness. One amazon reviewer comments that eating one of these bars is like “eating natural peanut butter in raw form.” You can get 12 of these bars for $15.

  6. Roo'Bar Hemp and Chia Bars

    Roo’Bar Hemp and Chia Bars are made with four simple and organic ingredients: dates, almonds, hemp protein powder, and chia seeds. While these run a little on the smaller side, reviewers are sharing that the natural and fresh taste and the nutrients make up for the size. You can get 12 of these bars for about $18.50.

  7. Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar

    Just because an energy bar is raw doesn’t mean it can’t taste like a baked brownie! Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar proves it’s possible. These gluten and soy free bars are made with dates, agave nectar, rice protein, cashew butter, almonds, walnuts, and cocoa and according to a few reviewers, they nip that sweet/chocolate craving right in the bud. You can get 12 of these bars for $17.

  8. Shanti Coconut Energy Bars

    Looking for a raw bar that also satisfies the paleo diet? Check out Shanti Coconut Energy Bars. They are gluten-free and made with almonds, maca, unsweetened coconut, and sea salt and then sweetened with dates, coconut nectar, and coconut crystals. Each bar has seven grams of protein, 300 milligrams of potassium, and six grams of fiber. You can get a pack of 12 for about $36.

  9. San Raw Fusion Bars

    San Raw Fusion Bars essentially take all of the ingredients found in the company’s protein powder including almonds, dates, pea protein, tapioca syrup, prebiotic vegetable fiber, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and puts it in bar form. Each one has 15-16 grams of protein and eight grams of prebiotic fiber. It is also free of soy, gluten, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Reviewers report using these bars as a replacement for meals or just a mid-morning snack when breakfast doesn’t cut it. In regards to flavor and texture, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. One reviewer reports that these bars have a chalky texture that is “hard to swallow” while another claims that they taste “healthy but amazing.” If you want to test ’em out yourself, these bars are definitely on the expensive side with 12 bars costing $40.

  10. Live Smart Fruit and Nut Raw Bar

    Live Smart Fruit and Nut Raw Bars are exactly what they sound like: a bar made primarily from fruit and nuts. Specifically, these are made with hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, coconut, dates, and raisins. They also contain brown rice extract, flax, almond butter, and orange extract. Considering these bars have 1,600 milligrams of omega-3, six grams of protein, and are under 200 calories, it’s not much of a surprise that reviewers report that this bar is a fresh, delicious, and natural pick-me-up in the morning, for a snack, or after a workout. They are also soy, cholesterol, peanut, gluten, and preservative free. You can get a pack of 12 bars for about $25.

  11. Nutrawbar Pistachio Superfood Bar

    Nutrawbar Pistachio Superfood Bars are made with just five organic ingredients: dates, pistachios, almonds, coconut oil, and green cardamom. They are soy, gluten, and G.M.O free. Reviewers report that the coconut oil helps all of the ingredients blend together nicely to create a yummy bar. One reviewer even said these bars were so delicious, she gave them five stars despite the high price. You can get 12 of these bars for about $32.

  12. Two Moms in the Raw Cranberry Chia Crunch Bars

    When food ingredients are “sprouted” it means that they are soaked for 24 hours which in turn allows people to more easily absorb the food’s nutrients. Two Moms in the Raw Cranberry Chia Crunch Bars feature sprouted almonds, walnuts, and pecans.  They also contain coconut nectar, hemp seeds, cranberries, chia seed, vanilla, and nutmeg. They are also gluten-free and paleo. One reviewer describes these bars as “tasty, not too sweet, and definitely filling.” You can get one box of six bars for about $6.50.

  13. PranaBar Apricot Goji Bars

    PranaBar Apricot Goji Bars are made with all organic ingredients including cashews, almond butter, date paste, agave nectar, dried apricots, puffed amaranth, goji powder, and sea salt. According to PranaBar, all of the ingredients are raw except for the nuts and seeds “which require slow cooking to denature the enzyme inhibitors.” That makes this product 75 percent raw. It is also soy free, gluten free, and non-G.M.O. Reviewers describe these bars as extremely healthy, fresh-tasting, and an easy meal replacer when you want something light.

  14. Raw Revolution Bars

    Be prepared for when hunger strikes with these Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Bars. These gluten-free bars are made from organic cashews, dates, sunflower seed kernels, agave, almonds, spirulina, and flax seeds. While all of the ingredients are definitely on the wholesome side, spirulina is what makes this bar particularly attractive. Spirulina is a superfood that is an excellent source of vegetable protein, multivitamins, minerals, and Vitamin B12. Additionally, reviewers comment that compared to other spirulina bars, it’s definitely one of the better tasting ones with the spirulina adding a fresh, clean, and pleasantly subtle taste. Get a pack of 12 bars for a little under $20.

  15. Kur Bite-Sized Brownie Bars

    These Kur Bite-Sized Brownie Bars are admittedly more of a treat than a full-fledged power bar, but compared to the ingredients of a regular brownie they’re a much better choice. These are made with dates, cashew butter, cacao powder, almonds, cinnamon, and essential oil of orange. They’re paleo and free from gluten and G.M.Os. Since these are tiny, reviewers are reporting that they enjoy one as an after-meal treat. Despite the small size, they also report that they’re “worth the price” due to the wholesome ingredients. You can get 12 of these bars for about $24.



    Lead Image Source: Peanut Butter and Banana Protein Bars