When everyone’s got their eyes on a recipe, you know it must have something special that you will want to try! That’s the case for these 10 recipes that went viral last week. These vegan viral recipes are some of the best, and trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss out on these incredible creations from our bloggers that you can find on our Food Monster App!

1. Quick Peanut Noodles

Vegan Peanut Noodles

Source: Quick Peanut Noodles


Introducing the BEST 15 minute Quick Peanut Noodles by James Wythe! This viral vegan recipe is an easy peanut butter based noodle dish is absolutely full flavor. You will be shocked that it’s actually gluten, dairy, egg and refined sugar free! The flavor this peanut butter satay sauce packs with only 5 ingredients is so impressive and best of all it’s ready in about 1 minute.

2. Cleansing Green Soup

Vegan Cleansing Detox Soup

Source: Cleansing Green Soup

This Cleansing Green Soup by Melissa Tedesco should accompany meals. Whilst it is nutritious, you shouldn’t only eat this. It’s much healthier to have a varied diet. This green soup cleanse is simply a boost, and not a meal replacement. Always be conscious of what your body needs and make sure you have a balanced diet.

3. Rosemary-Garlic Chickpea Flatbread

Vegan Chickpea Flatbread

Source: Rosemary-Garlic Chickpea Flatbread


This Rosemary-Garlic Chickpea Flatbread by Amanda Froelich is high in protein, supports stable blood sugar levels, can increase satiety, improves digestion thanks to the high fiber content, and reduces the likelihood of developing diseases of affluence, simply because it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It’s super nutritious and delicious!

4. Curried Sweet Potato Mac n’ Cheese

Vegan Curried Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

Source: Curried Sweet Potato Mac n’ Cheese

It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, and it’s super easy and quick to make. This Curried Sweet Potato Mac n’ Cheese by Taavi Moore has hints of curry flavor and an uber creamy texture. This vegan viral recipe is topped with breadcrumbs and quickly broiled to create a perfectly crispy top.

5. Blueberry Phyllo Turnovers

Vegan Blueberry Phyllo Turnovers

Source: Blueberry Phyllo Turnovers


These Blueberry Phyllo Turnovers by Amanda Froelich are amazing! They are perfect dessert to bring to a holiday party or just to keep in your kitchen for a quick dessert. So flaky, buttery, and absolutely delicious. Also, they’re vegan and gluten-free! They are sure to  be showstoppers at any family dinner!

6. Chia Chai Latte Pudding

Vegan Chia Chai Latte Pudding vegan viral recipe

Source: Chia Chai Latte Pudding

Made with chia seeds, almond milk and raw cashews, these Chia Chai Latte Pudding by Julie Zimmer are filled with fibre, protein, omega-3 fats and other nutrients. They are tasty and easy to make. They have all of the spices that are in a chai latte; however, I’ve replaced the black tea with 100% powdered cacao. For that extra cinnamon flavor, top up with cinnamon powder or stick. Grab yourself a spoon and enjoy!

7. Potato Pancakes

Vegan Potato Pancakes

Source: Potato Pancakes

These Potato Pancakes by Olivia Andrews are inspired by Korean potato pancakes, which usually use potato starch, giving them a really nice chewy, gelatinous texture. If you’re not so fond of the texture, you can use cornflour instead of potato starch, which is more widely available. I find equal parts of each is a happy medium.

8. Czech-Style Vegan Potato Salad

Vegan Potato Salad vegan viral recipe

Source: Czech-Style Vegan Potato Salad


A classic Czech potato salad made vegan! This creamy Czech-Style Vegan Potato Salad by Nikki and Zuzana is easy to make and requires only a few simple ingredients. It is plant-based (dairy-free, egg-free), oil-free (no mayo), nutrient-rich and packed with plant protein!

9. Roasted Eggplant and Cauliflower Curry

Vegan Roasted Eggplant and Cauliflower Curry

Source: Roasted Eggplant and Cauliflower Curry

ThisRoasted Eggplant and Cauliflower Curry by Lenny Wu is super flavorful and worth all the effort! Feel free to throw in any leftover roasted veggies that you have on hand.

10. Asian-Inspired Sticky Eggplant

Vegan Asian-Inspired Sticky Eggplant vegan viral recipe

Source: Asian-Inspired Sticky Eggplant

This Asian-Inspired Sticky Eggplant by Jenny Connelly is so delicious and easy to make. The eggplant goes so soft but the marinade goes so sticky – it’s basically a match made in heaven!

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