There are big things happening in the plant-based meat world. Plant-based protein companies are adding their products to fast food chains, and other companies like Quorn and Morning Star are debuting more vegan-friendly. The demand for meat alternatives is growing, and there will only be delicious options in the future. Not to mention, eating plant-based ‘meat’ is healthier than the animal-based protein.

There will be a new plant-based ‘meat’ product available in venues soon thanks to QuestLove, who is launching his own vegan cheesesteak called the ‘QuestLove Cheesesteak’. It will be available as early as March 28 in Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park at all the Phillies home games. In addition, the ‘QuestLove Cheesesteak’ will also be at both the Met and the BB+T Pavilion starting this summer. QuestLove collaborated with Impossible Meat to create and perfect this sandwich after being impressed by their realistic vegan meat products.


The vegan cheesesteak will be making its debut in other venues nationwide as well. Live Nation, a concert venue company, plans to add the ‘Questlove Cheesesteak’ to 40 of its venues across the US. This will take a couple of months, but it’s exciting news for those who want more plant-based options when attending sports games and concerts.

Make Your Own Cheese Steak!

Craving cheesesteak now, but don’t plan on being in a venue any time soon? Try these delicious recipes from our Food Monster App!

Philly Tofu Cheese Steak

Source: Philly Tofu Cheese Steak

If you can’t make it to the city of brotherly love, you can make this tofu cheese steak at home with this Philly Tofu Cheese Steak recipe from Vegan Daydream. Tofu is cooked in a savory sauce, then paired with caramelized shallots, sautéed bell peppers, and melty vegan cheese on a toasted bun. Hello, delicious!


Portobello Cheesesteak

Source: Portobello Cheesesteak

A vegan take on the traditional cheesesteak: meaty to the tooth, the savory sautéed mushrooms mix with peppers and onions in a toasted roll to create a delicious sub. Top this Portobello Cheesesteak recipe from Vegan Junk Food, Lane Gold with loads of cheese for melty goodness.

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