Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have chocolate ice cream, zoodles, and almond milk so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1.Raw Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream  

Vegan Raw Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream

Source: Raw Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream


This is a deliciousRaw Fudgy Chocolate Ice Cream by Amanda Froelich that will melt in your mouth!

2. Savory Corn and Chive Oatmeal 

Vegan Savory Corn and Chive Oatmeal

Source: Savory Corn and Chive Oatmeal

This super simple Savory Corn and Chive Oatmeal by Lauren Smith can be enjoyed as is, or you could add other veggies.

3. Vegan Ferrero Rocher Truffles 

Vegan Ferrero Rocher Truffles

Source: Vegan Ferrero Rocher Truffles


These Vegan Ferrero Rocher Truffles by Gretchen Price are simply amazing! They’re crunchy and amazing, and make an awesome treat to enjoy!

4. Eat the Rainbow Zoodles 

Vegan Eat the Rainbow Zoodles

Source: Eat the Rainbow Zoodles

Yes, we all know that we should replace our pasta with zoodles because veggies are healthier. Eat the rainbow! Enjoy these rainbow zoodles any night of the week, to feed a crowd at a St. Patrick’s Day party, or a rainbow themed party. It’s naturally gluten-free, vegan, Whole30 compliant, Paleo and Keto. Fun… colorful… healthy… what’s not to love about this Eat the Rainbow Zoodles by Holly Bertone!

5. Chili Olive Oil 

Vegan Chili Olive Oil

Source: Chili Olive Oil


This is a great versatile spicy Chili Olive Oil by Stephanie McKinnie and it’s so easy to make! Drizzle it on soups, salads, pasta or anything you would use olive oil in.

6. Protein Quinoa Bowl 

Source: Protein Quinoa Bowl

This Protein Quinoa Bowl by Caroline Doucet is packed with protein from quinoa, edamame (you could use black beans or chickpeas instead), nutritional yeast, tahini, sunflower seeds and hemp hearts. But you can substitute for all your favorites!

7. Rutabaga Noodles With Tahini Sauce and Cashew Crumble

Vegan Rutabaga Noodles With Tahini Sauce and Cashew Crumble

Source: Rutabaga Noodles With Tahini Sauce and Cashew Crumble

Rutabaga while raw it tastes somewhere between a turnip and cabbage, when cooked its essence is revealed. Everything that’s been hidden beneath the waxy surface comes to life when this noble root has just a few minutes in the heat. This Rutabaga Noodles With Tahini Sauce and Cashew Crumble by Daniela Modesto features this amazing vegetable.

8. Almond Milk

Vegan Almond Milk

Source: Almond Milk


Making your own almond milk is quick and easy. You just have to grind almonds in a blender filled with water. You then filter the mixture through a nut bag or cheesecloth. That’s it! This Almond Milk by Julie Zimmer is so easy and quick to make!

9. Baked Beans Style Quinoa 

Vegan Baked Beans Style Quinoa

Source: Baked Beans Style Quinoa

This Baked Beans Style Quinoa by Agnes Potier-Murphy is a keeper! You’ll want to have it for dinner every night – it’s delicious, easy to make, and sure to please everyone!

10. Cardamom Pistachio Ice Cream 

Vegan Cardamom Pistachio Ice Cream [

Source: Cardamom Pistachio Ice Cream

Kulfi is a traditional Indian-style ice cream that is denser and creamier than conventional American ice cream, inspiring this flavorful combination. It is usually flavored with spices like cardamom and pistachio. Coconut milk provides a rich and creamy foundation for the exotic ingredients in this Cardamom Pistachio Ice Cream by Incredible Vegan Ice Cream, Deena Jalal as well as a complementary flavor.

11. Raw Russian Tahini Fudge 

Vegan and Raw Russian Tahini Fudge

Source: Raw Russian Tahini Fudge

This delicious healthy Raw Russian Tahini Fudge by Buffy-Ellen Gill takes tahini, adds a dash of sweetness, some vanilla, a helping of sea salt, and voila, fudgy goodness is yours. This is based on a classic New Zealand sweet that is traditionally made from condensed milk, butter, and refined sugar.

12. Spaghetti Squash With Lentil Marinara 

Vegan Spaghetti Squash With Lentil Marinara

Source: Spaghetti Squash With Lentil Marinara

Chilly weather is the perfect time to discover new ways of serving your favorite comfort foods, like these stuffed squash. These roasted Spaghetti Squash With Lentil Marinara by Susan Edelman halves make the perfect bowls for a hearty marinara. Packed with lentils, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and chilis, this protein-packed and flavorful marinara will warm you up and keep you full. What better way to combat the chilly weather?

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