Everyone knows how nutritionally beneficial greens like broccoli, kale, or spinach can be and that you should try to include some these veggies in your daily diet. At the same time, it can be good to branch out from your usual routine and incorporate some other less-familiar green foods in your routine.

Spirulina, for example, is a form of sea algae that is so nutrient-packed, it’s considered a superfood! Just one teaspoon of spirulina contains four grams of protein, 80 percent of your daily iron content, and most of your requirements for B vitamins. It’s also packed with Vitamin A, containing over 800 percent of your daily needs!

While spirulina is often added to smoothies and juices in powder-form, nowadays there are tons of other products you can buy that are infused with the superfood. From chips and chocolate to popcorn and pasta, there’s bound to be a spirulina product out there for whatever you happen to be craving. Here are 15 to get you started!