If you’re the kind of person who is always on the hunt for healthy snacks, you’ve likely stumbled upon some products that contain probiotics. Probiotics are a mixture of bacterial strains that are considered “good” and that help our guts establish a harmony of sorts. They help us break down food, take care of minor digestive issues, and help defeat other bacterial microbes that are actually a threat to us. If you eat foods that have natural probiotics or are infused with strains of probiotics, you are essentially eating your way to a healthier and happier tummy, what a deal! 

As people become more health-conscious, we are seeing the food space put more of an emphasis on products with probiotics. While in the past it may have seemed like the only way you could incorporate probiotics into your diet was with yogurt, nowadays probiotics are showing up in foods all over the place. From cookies and popcorn to chocolate and granola, there really seems to be no limit in this category! Take a look yourself – here are 15 innovative products that contain probiotics! 

  1. Yumbutter Plant Protein Almond Butter

    As if almond butter wasn’t a nutritional powerhouse on its own, Yumbutter Plant Protein Almond Butter takes the nutty spread to a new level. This sprouted, organic product is made with almonds, organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic sunflower seeds, organic and sustainable palm oil, almond oil, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla, organic inulin, and probiotics. Each serving of this almond butter (two tablespoons) is 180 calories and provides 10 grams of protein, and 10 percent of your daily vitamin A and daily iron. Reviewers are saying that this almond butter is flavorful, nourishing, and convenient. You should keep in mind, however, that inside of the pouch the oil and the almond butter separates so you need to knead it before using otherwise it’s a bit of a messy snack. This snack is on the expensive side – you can get one 6.8-ounce servings (six servings worth) for about $16.

  2. ShaSha Organic Buckwheat Snack

    Have you been looking for a tasty way to incorporate buckwheat groats into your diet? If so, consider trying ShaSha Organic Buckwheat Snack. It’s made with the following organic and gluten-free ingredients: buckwheat groats, sunflower seed, agave syrup, dried cranberry, dried apple, sultana raisins, almonds, chicory root inulin, black currant, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, salt, and probiotics. The reviewers are mixed on this one. While most reviewers are saying that this snack is tasty, satisfying, and wholesome, others feel that it needs more sweetening and is a bit too sticky to be enjoyable. You can get one six-ounce bag for $5.75.

  3. Nibbles Bits Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

    Nibbles Bits Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix allow you to indulge in the deliciousness that is a warm, gooey cookie straight out of the oven while also providing your gut with probiotics. This cookie mix is made up of almond flour, organic tigernut flour (natural probiotic) organic 85 percent chocolate chips, organic coconut sugar, raw organic cacao nibs, vanilla powder, Himalayan sea salt, and baking soda. Each cookie has four grams of fiber, five grams of protein, and five grams of sugar. Reviewers are saying that this cookie mix is easy to use, is very tasty (especially for a gluten-free mix), and yields cookies that are not overly sweet (since they contain cacao instead of chocolate). To try this mix out yourself, you can get one 10.75-ounce bag for $12.

  4. Sunbiotics: Chocolate Almonds

    Chocolate covered nuts just got better. At first glance, Sunbiotics Chocolate Almonds may appear like your typical nut snack, but upon further inspection, you will see how this gluten-free and raw product deviates from the others. It is made with organic sprouted raw almonds, organic raw cacao powder, organic coconut sugar, and a probiotic blend. Each one-ounce serving is 180 calories, and six grams of protein. Reviewers are saying that these almonds are wholesome, tasty, and light and crispy (which is pretty impressive since they are raw and not roasted). You can get one 1.5-ounce package for $6.50.

  5. Purely Elizabeth Probiotic Granola

    For a granola that is truly chock full of good-for-you ingredients, check out Purely Elizabeth Probiotic Granola. This gluten-free and non-GMO granola is made with the following organic ingredients: gluten-free oats, coconut palm sugar, raw virgin coconut oil, fair trade dark chocolate chunks, sunflower seeds, organic puffed amaranth, cacao powder, quinoa flakes, millet flakes, chia seeds, cinnamon, sea salt, and a strain of probiotic cultures that survives the baking process. Each 1/3 cup serving is 130 calories and three grams of protein. Reviewers are saying that this granola is tasty (and not overly sweetened), “the most healthful granola on the market,” and satisfyingly crunchy. To try it out for yourself, you can get one 0.5-pound bag for $10.

  6. Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate

    Everything is better when chocolate is added to it. Even probiotics! Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate combines the delicious smoothness of chocolate, the fruity tartness of raspberries, and has over a billion probiotic cultures in each bar. Plus, it’s gluten, nuts, and cholesterol free. Reviewers are saying that this chocolate is decadent, delicious, and considering it has gut-healthy probiotics, is pretty much guilt-free. Since this is a high-quality chocolate bar it’s a little over $14 per bar. 

  7. Ruby Rockets Veggie and Fruit Pops

    Nowadays, companies are trying to sneak fruits and veggies in anywhere they can – even fruit pops! Take Ruby Rockets Veggie and Fruit Pops, for instance. This particular posting is for the flavor “Orbit Orange,” which is made with filtered water, organic sweet potato purée, organic strawberry purée, organic white grape juice concentrate, organic carrot purée, organic orange juice concentrate, organic banana purée, orange purée, organic lemon juice concentrate, probiotics, and a few other ingredients. Reviewers are saying that while this flavor may not be the strongest, these pops are undeniably healthy (low sugar, low calories, probiotics), and make for a good treat. You can get one 10.5-ounce box (six pops) for $4.

  8. LesserEvil That's a Good Cookie: Ginger Cashew

    If you’re looking for a cookie you don’t have to feel guilty about eating, check out LesserEvil That’s a Good Cookie: Ginger Cashew. This wholesome snack is made with whole grain oats, oat syrup, organic brown rice syrup, organic barley malt extract, crystallized ginger bits, organic virgin coconut oil, non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, water, organic coconut sugar, cashews, whole grain barley flour, pea protein isolate, whole grain wheat flour, wheat bran, a blend of spices, flaxseed meal, probiotics, and a few other ingredients. Each serving (three cookies) is 210 calories and provides six grams of protein. The reviews are mixed for this product. Some people are saying that these cookies are healthy, they like the taste of these cookies and realize that it’s not going to be as sweet and sugary as regular ones, and are able to become satisfied after just one or two. Others feel that this product is not so much a cookie as an oatmeal-like cluster that hardly has the sweet taste they’ve become accustomed to enjoying when indulging in a cookie. To see how you feel about them, you can get a pack of three eight-ounce bags for $17.50.

  9. Brad’s Probiotic Seaweed Kalechi

    Just when you thought kale chips couldn’t get any healthier, products like Brad’s Probiotic Seaweed Kalechi come into existence. This particular posting is for Hot Ginger Spice, which is made with cabbage, carrot, kale, garlic, onion, ginger, dulse, Himalayan salt, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, and probiotics. It is gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and raw. One serving of this snack (one ounce) is 70 calories and provides 100 percent of your daily vitamin A and 130 percent of your vitamin C. You can get four 1.5-ounce bags for about $12.

  10. Good! Greens Blueberry Bliss Bars

    Good! Greens Blueberry Bliss Bars may be coated in yogurt, but that isn’t where these gluten-free bars get their probiotics. They are made from a blend of antioxidant-rich fruit juices, seed butters, superfood powders, and plant-based proteins, then are infused with probiotics and dipped in soy yogurt. The 20 different fruits and vegetables inside satisfy 100 percent of the daily recommended intake of vegetables. Reviewers are saying that these bars are yummy and “taste just like blueberry yogurt.” To see for yourself, you can get 12 bars for a little under $24.

  11. Organic Gemini Tigernut Raw Granola

    While most probiotic-packed products nowadays have to infuse strains of bacteria into their products, there are some foods out there that are naturally good for your tummy. Take Organic Gemini Tigernut Raw Granola, for instance. This raw, nut-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO granola is made with tigernuts (a prebiotic fiber that aids a healthy immune system) as well as Gala apples, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, milled flaxseeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla extract, Medjool dates, and sea salt. Reviewers are saying that this granola is yummy, very fresh-tasting, great for people with multiple allergies, and healthy. You can get one eight-ounce bag of this granola for $10.

  12. Naturally More Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

    As if finding a vegan Nutella replacement wasn’t awesome enough on it’s own, Naturally More Chocolate Hazelnut Spread also has the added perk of probiotics! With five grams of protein and a hefty portion of omega-3s, this spread only tastes like it’s unhealthy. Reviewers are saying that this spread is delicious, not overly sweet, is great straight from the pouch (or you can put it in the fridge for a thicker texture, and is a convenient way to add a touch of chocolate to whatever you’re eating. You can get a pack of three 5.6-ounce pouches for $18. 

  13. Silver Fern Movie Theater Popcorn

    There’s something super satisfying about finding a healthy version of a snack that is usually anything but. Silver Fern Movie Theater Popcorn is a low-calorie, low-carb, and high-fiber popcorn that is made with air popped white popcorn, algae oil, whole algae flour, sea salt, and probiotics. One serving of this popcorn (two cups) is 160 calories. Reviewers are saying that this popcorn is delicious and buttery (especially considering it’s low carb) and is addicting. You can get a four, four-ounce packages for $24.

  14. ShaSha Cocoa Snap Cookies

    The only thing better than chocolate cookies are chocolate cookies that have probiotics and prebiotics to make your tummy happy in more than one way! ShaSha Cocoa Snap Cookies are nut-free, dairy-free, and trans fat-free. They are made with wheat flour, brown sugar, canola oil, chocolate liquor, water, chicory root inulin, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a few other ingredients. Reviewers are saying that this chocolaty treat is “healthy and fun,” are pretty much guilt-free (thanks to the quality ingredient list), and don’t give you a tummy ache even if you indulge in two or three. To try them out, you can get one 10.5-ounce bag for $6.

  15. Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Protein Bars

    Think the only way to get fermented probiotic cultures is via yogurt? Think again! As Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins Bars prove, dairy is not required to make a nutritious fermented product. These bars are soy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and low-sugar. They are made primarily from plant-based proteins – pea, sesame, brown rice, hemp – as well as almond butter, quinoa, chocolate, and spirulina. In total, they have 15 grams of fermented protein and eight to ten  grams of fermented prebiotic fiber per serving. Reviewers are reporting that these bars are great for dairy-intolerant people, tastes like a brownie, and are healthier than a lot of other bars on the market. You can get a 12-pack for $30.

    Lead image source: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies