There are a lot of different ways to get protein nowadays. From vegetables and nuts to beans and legumes, there are plenty of ways to add protein to your cooking, no matter what cuisine you happen to be craving. If you’re looking to get protein by emulating meat, you can sear tofu, pan-fry tempeh, marinate mushrooms, or cook up some seitan, or “wheat meat” as it’s often referred to.

Seitan, when prepared correctly, has the chewy texture of meat and since it absorbs any sauce or seasoning that you put on it, it makes for extremely versatile protein source. While you can certainly make your own seitan from scratch using vital wheat gluten and water, nowadays there are also tons of pre-made seitan products that make it a cinch to include it in your cooking. From strips and sauces to braised and BBQ, there is bound to be a seitan product that you will like in existence Here are 10 you should check out today!