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Everyone is talking about plant-based meat and dairy, but how is it made?  And where specifically does the protein in these products come from?  Peas are one major source of protein in plant-based products, as are mung beans, soy, and fava beans, to name a few.  But did you know that potatoes can also be a great protein source? And that they’re more environmentally friendly than even pasta and rice?

That’s why Branston, a UK potato supplier, in partnership with an agritech company called B-Hive, started work on a £6m Potato Protein Extraction Facility in the UKPotato News Today reported that Branston aims to “provide 100% plant-based protein for companies in the vegan food industry.” And according to Branston’s website, Richard Fell, the new managing director of the Branston’s Prepared Foods division, claimed that Branston’s protein will be “high-grade,” “free from allergens,” and “fully traceable from our UK grown crops.”

If companies like Branston can expand the plant-based protein supply, it will become increasingly affordable for manufacturers to make plant-based alternatives to animal products. Currently, according to the Wall Street Journal, it is more expensive to produce plant-based burgers than beef burgers, but plant-based meat makers are starting to compete on price.  Branston’s new UK venture is a huge step in that direction.

If potatoes are on your mind now too, check out these potato-based recipes in One Green Planet:

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