A whole food plant-based diet is a fully vegan diet with minimal or no processed foods. Anyone who adheres to this diet can still cook and create unique and delicious recipes, but they avoid store-bought items with additives. Instead, the focus is on using whole, plant foods. If you’re considering this diet in the new year, try out these 15 recipes from the Food Monster App that are super flavorful and filling! We even included a few additive-free desserts for you to!

1. Soothing Sweet Potato and Beet SoupVegan Grain-Free Soothing Sweet Potato and Beet Soup

Packed with nutrition, beets are the star of this recipe, delivering plenty of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, folate, B6, and thiamin. Besides all the health benefits, beets are tender and sweet when cooked to a soft texture, making them the perfect addition to soups and stews (plus they give your soup a beautiful red color!). This Soothing Sweet Potato and Beet Soup is a simple, satisfying, and hearty dish that is packed with nutrition!


2. Colombian Black Bean Stewcolombian black bean stew

Not only is this Colombian Black Bean Stew super easy to make and utterly delicious, but it’s also extremely healthy, full of plant-based protein and fiber. It’s proof that healthy plant-based food does not need to be complicated or expensive. It uses inexpensive foods like black beans, onion, and garlic to make a hearty meal, especially when served with a side of grains and topped with sliced avocado.

3. Lemon Banana Cashew Cream PieLemon Banana Cashew Cream Pie

Did you ever realize that lemon pairs pretty amazingly with bananas? Yes, the zesty lemon flavor takes a banana cream pie to the next level. So, come on board with this delicious lemon banana cream pie! It’s a real stunner: easy, creamy, drool-worthy, remarkable, lemony, refreshing, addictive, fresh, and so delicious. With just six ingredients and in three easy steps. you can make this Lemon Banana Cashew Cream Pie dream come true.

4. Seasonal Detox SoupVegan Grain-Free Seasonal Detox Soup

This Seasonal Detox Soup is perfect after you’ve indulged in a lot of rich, heavy foods. Doing a weeklong detox during chilly weather isn’t the best idea. However, this soup can give your digestive system a quick break. It doesn’t contain oils, salt, or grains, making it very easy to digest. A salt-less soup can take some getting used to. If you really need it, add a bit of salt.

5. Charred Corn and Black Bean Stuffed Sweet PotatoesCharred Corn and Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Forget pizza and take-out, baked stuffed sweet potatoes are now the ultimate feel-good dish! Top it up with some hearty black beans, some deliciously charred corn, and the perfect garlic-y tahini and you’ve got yourself a meal to cure any heartache! The beans give it a certain rich and earthy meatiness which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the potato and the corn. Together with the velvety tahini sauce, you’ve got something that is completely addictive and absolutely good for you! This Charred Corn and Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe is a life-changer.


6. Spiralized Potato Crust Pizza With Kale PestoSpiralized Potato Crust Pizza

This yummy Spiralized Potato Crust Pizza With Kale Pesto is made entirely from vegetables! How can that be, you ask? The crust is made with spiralized potatoes and baked until perfectly crispy. Then, it’s topped with this baby with kale pesto, basil, avocado, zucchini, and tomatoes. Feel free to make your own crust and top as desired. You can even experiment with sweet potatoes or other spiralized vegetables!

7. Sweet Potato Black Bean Breakfast Hash Vegan Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Black Bean Breakfast Hash Topped with Avocado

This hearty breakfast Sweet Potato Black Bean Breakfast Hash packs your meal with flavor and a load of simple, whole food ingredients. Tender sweet potatoes and black beans are cooked with aromatic garlic and onion and seasoned with smoky paprika and cumin. Serve with avocado or a side of toast!

8. Endive Salad With Crispy Chickpeas Vegan Grain-Free Endive Salad With Crispy Chickpeas

This abundant Endive Salad With Crispy Chickpeas is not your ordinary salad, as it combines all the wonderful seasonal greens like curly endive, radicchio, spinach, a couple apple slices, and all topped with a delicious mustard vinaigrette and crispy roasted chickpeas. Simple and delicious!

9. Smashed Potatoes With Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Vegan Grain-Free Smashed Potatoes With Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

A tasty vegan appetizer or snack with a Mediterranean twist; Smashed Potatoes With Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. This pesto has a few simple ingredients that pack a ton of flavor. Whether you’re making these for a tasty snack or as a party appetizer, you will have people coming back for more.


10. Lemon Raspberry Key Lime PieLemon Raspberry Key Lime Pie

This silky smooth Lemon Raspberry Key Lime Pie is a gorgeous dairy-free dessert made from just six whole food ingredients. The grain-free crust is made from cashews and dates while the soy-free filling is made from cashews and creamy avocado with lemon and lime juice mixed in. With just two easy steps, this no-bake pie is ready in no time with its sweet, citrusy flavors and creamy texture.

11. Naturally Fermented Cashew Herb ChevreVegan Naturally Fermented Cashew Herb Chevre

Cheese, cheese, cheese … It’s one of the things people miss the most when transitioning to a plant-based diet. Learning how to make your own vegan cheeses is a great skill to have up your sleeve! This soft Naturally Fermented Cashew Herb Chevre is easy to make, contains healthy probiotic strains of bacteria and is great with crackers. Here, it’s paired with chives and fresh herbs, plus a recipe for homemade apple pear compote!

12. Flourless Soft Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Flourless Soft Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies are thick and puffy and full of chocolate flavor! They’re healthier than your average cookie, grain-free because they’re made with buckwheat flour, and naturally sweetened with dates!

13. Curried Corn SoupVegan Grain-Free Curried Corn Soup topped with herbs

Creamy corn soups always strike the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. This vegan version of the cozy dish uses curry powder and ginger to spice it up and make it even more tasty. Plus, you only need one pot to make this Curried Corn Soup, so the clean up is minimal.

14. Chocolate Covered Banana Peanut Butter BallsVegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Banana Peanut Butter Balls

Your daily snacks are covered with these healthy chocolate banana peanut butter balls. Rich, creamy, and decadent yet free of refined-sugars, gluten, and oil! These Chocolate Covered Banana Peanut Butter Balls are so yummy and easy to make!

15. Purple Magic SoupPurple Magic Soup

This delicious Purple Magic Soup is packed with nourishing vegetables and hearty grains! Carrots, leeks, and parsley stalks are the base, it is bulked up with barley and split peas, and it’s finished off with crunchy savoy and purple cabbage — which turns the broth a gorgeous purple color. Garnish with fresh lemon juice and parsley for extra flavor and serve with bread.


Vegan Grain-Free Endive Salad With Crispy Chickpeas

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Lead image source: Spiralized Potato Crust Pizza With Kale Pesto