December is over, which means it’s time to put away our holiday decorations and embrace the new year. For some people, a new year means New Year’s resolutions, new goals, and new aspirations. That also means new vegan restaurants opening up in the United States! Check out this list of 10 new plant-based eateries opening up in 2018.

1. Heirloom Deli, Orlando, Florida



Heirloom Deli is set to open in Orlando, Florida in April of 2018, and we can hardly wait! The deli will be 100 percent vegan, and will consist of delicious sandwiches and subs, like the shiitake mushroom po’boy with remoulade and the hearts of palm crab cake sandwich with lemon dill— yum! Do we have to wait until April?! While waiting for this delightful deli to open, try out this recipe for Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cakes!

2. Planta, Miami, Florida


A plant-based restaurant called Planta is expanding from Canada to Miami in early 2018! The menu for this location is not yet available online, but will be similar to the Canadian location. Restaurant goers and expect dishes like singapore fried noodles, truffle macaroni, eggplant lasagna, carrot dogs, and more! In the meantime, try out this recipe for Creamy Truffle Pasta With Roasted Romanesco.

3. Earth Burger, Bloomington, Minnesota



Earth Burger, a vegan burger joint in San Antonio, it set to open in the Mall of America is 2018. The menu will be similar to the original Earth Burger, consisting of the Earth Burger, Spicy Chick’n Sandwich, Fishless Sandwich, coconut soft serve, and more! Try making this Spicy Fried “Chicken” Sandwich.

4. Bareburger, New York


Bareburger, a burger chain based in New York, is set to open an all-vegan location in 2018, proving that the future really is vegan! This new burger joint’s menu will have the Impossible Burger, veggie burgers, falafal, among many other delicious options. Check out this article, 20 of Our Most Mouthwatering Veggie Burgers Ever!

5. Nosh Pit, Hamtramck, Michigan



This January, a Detroit-based plant-based eatery, Nosh Pit, plans to expand to Hamtramck, Michigan. and we are so excited! Nosh Pit is a vegan/vegetarian food truck serving up vegan soups,  sandwiches, and desserts. The new location’s menu will be similar to the Detroit locations, and guests can try entrees like grilled cheese with red pepper and vegan pesto, lentil chili, and spicy tomato soup. If you prefer to cook at home, try making this Southwestern Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

6. Arles and Boggs, Wallingford, Connecticut

This coming April, Connecticut natives will be graced with a new vegan eatery, Arles and Boggs! The new plant-based restaurant will be located on Quinnipiac Street in Wallingford, and will be one of the few vegan restaurants in the area. One of the owner’s, Sam Sharif, stated that the menu is still a work in progress, but that everything will be vegan and organically grown, and there will be gluten-free options available as well. Try out this recipe for Cheesy Cashew Quesadillas, like the ones pictured above.


7. Love Cafe, Oakhurst, California

The people of Oakhurst are gaining their first plant-based restaurant this year, with the opening of Love Cafe, which is set to open in February of 2018. The owner, Tricia Tracy, says she will include options such as a meatless pulled pork sandwich and baked potato. If you feel like staying home, you could always try making this Fooled Pork Sandwich With Fries.

8. Vegan Bowl, Jordan, Utah


On the first of this year, Vegan Bowl will be making their debut in Jordan, Utah! Vegan Bowl will be serving up delicious plant-based Vietnamese food, and the menu will consist of popular items such as; banh mi, boba tea, and pho! If you can’t make it to Utah, try out this Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich.

9. Next Level, Brooklyn, New York



A west coast burger chain called, Next Level, is expanding to the east coast this upcoming year, and will be making its debut in a Whole Foods in Brooklyn on January 31st. The menu will feature items such as delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries, and shakes! While you wait for this location to open, you could always try making these Carrot Hot Dogs!

10. The Anti Butcher, Chicago, Illinois

Ashouraita Khoshaba/Kickstarter

Carl Sanberg, the potential owner of The Anti Butcher, has launched a Kickstarter for his business, and it hoping to open doors in the Spring or Summer of 2018! This plant-based deli plans to serve up sandwiches made with vegan meats, like seitan and other plant-based ingredients. And the best part is that everything sold will be 100 percent vegan! While we wait for this vegan mecca to open, try making your own seitan with this recipe for Homemade Beefy Seitan.

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