Want to make your family and friends some food with love? Make a dish that everyone will want to pass around, but make it healthier! Skip the frozen pizza rolls, and know exactly what you put into what your family eats! Just choose one recipe from each of these categories, flatten your dough, section it off, layer it up, and roll.

Pizza Dough:

1. Whole Wheat Sourdough Pizza Crust Vegan Whole Wheat Sourdough Pizza Crust

This Whole Wheat Sourdough Pizza Crust bakes like a dough and tastes super hearty! Make this dough for an extra chewy, extra flavorful vegan pizza roll!


2. Wholemeal Pizza Dough The Best Homemade Vegan Wholemeal Pizza Dough

This Wholemeal Pizza Dough only requires five ingredients! Make this one if you are pressed for time or need something extra simple.

3. Potato Pizza CrustPotato Pizza Crust

Need a gluten-free pizza dough recipe that is still fluffy and super flavorful? Look no further. This Potato Pizza Crust is for our pizza loving, gluten-free friends!

Marinara Sauce:

1. 20-Minute Homestyle Marinara Twenty Minute Homestyle Marinara

This 20-Minute Homestyle Marinara is simple and classic! Make this option if you’re pressed for time but still want something flavorful and healthy.

2. Homemade Spicy Red Wine Tomato Sauce25 Sauces That Make Any Meal More Enticing

This Homemade Spicy Red Wine Tomato Sauce is simple, customizable, and extra special! Treat your loved ones to a gourmet sauce that only requires eight ingredients.


3. The Only Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Need The Only Tomato Sauce You'll Ever Need [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

The Only Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Need: the title speaks for itself! This sauce is healthy and versatile. Try this recipe if you have a lot of picky eaters and need something extra basic.

Dairy-Free Cheese: 

1. Aquafaba Mozzarella Aquafaba Mozzarella 1

This Aquafaba Mozzarella is better than the real thing. Who knew that mixing cashews with aquafaba (chickpea brine) could make a delicious vegan mozzarella cheese?  Make this dairy-free cheese if you want a super classic vegan pizza roll!

2. Chickpea Artichoke Ricotta Chickpea Artichoke Ricotta

This cheese is super tangy and delicious! Try this Chickpea Artichoke Ricotta recipe if you want a little extra zing and texture in your vegan pizza rolls!

3. Moxarella Cheese

This Moxarella Cheese is stretchy, melty, and so gooey! This cheese stays in a “melted” type form until baked, and then it forms a crust like dairy cheese does.


Vegan Pepperoni: 

1. Jackfruit Bacon Vegan Jackfruit Bacon


This Jackfruit Bacon is meaty, chewy, and perfect for your vegan pizza rolls! Such a healthy alternative to store-bought veggie bacon, or the real deal!


2. Homemade Spicy Italian Sausage

Cut these Homemade Spicy Italian Sausages into coins and wrap them up in your pizza rolls! These would make for an extra flavorful bite!

3. Homemade TVP Bacon Bits Homemade Bacon Bits


This Homemade TVP Bacon Bits recipe is perfect if you are pressed for time or ingredients. All you need is four ingredients for a meaty addition to your pizza rolls!

Creative Additions:

1. Creamy Hemp PestoRecipe: Creamy Hemp Pesto

This Creamy Hemp Pesto is dreamy, creamy, and packed with protein! Add this sauce to your vegan pizza rolls for some extra flavor and extra nutrients!


2. Smoky Tofu Bolognese Vegan Gluten-Free Smokey Tofu Bolognese

This Smoky Tofu Bolognese will add meaty texture and flavor!  This recipe is a new take on bolognese – with a smoky twist (from smoked paprika) and an addition of tofu. This is a protein packed, Italian classic made vegan!

3. Thyme Grilled Mushrooms 

These Thyme Grilled Mushrooms are just what you need to add a low-calorie, meaty addition to your vegan pizza rolls! Try this recipe for a simple healthy addition to your bite-sized snack!

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Lead image source: “To Share Or Not To Share” Pizza Party Pinwheels