As the fall approaches, so too does Philadelphia’s legendary Center City Restaurant Week, but there is something just as exciting taking place just before this event. Starting on Sunday, September 16th through Saturday, September 22nd, Philly will hold Vegan Restaurant Week!

Over 30 restaurants in the city will be participating in this event by offering a price fixed vegan menu that best represents each business. A share of the profits that are brought in from this week’s offerings will be donated to the Peace Advocacy Network, an Philly-based vegan organization.


Restaurants like Bar Bombón, Pumpkin BYOB, Second District Brewing, Bourbon & Branch, American Sardine Bar, Front Street Café, and the Thirsty Soul will be participating offering both fixed vegan menus, and other vegan items. Some of the recipes that will be featured include buffalo cauliflower tacos, whiskey prunes, vegan barbecue brisket, orange ‘chicken’ stir-fry, artichoke cakes with crab fries, and spaghetti squash with black bean meatballs.

If you are interested in attending Philadelphia’s first ever Vegan Restaurant Week and want to learn more, you can check out this site, which will tell you exactly which restaurants are participating as well as what vegan items and meals they will be offering!

Can’t make it to Philly’s Vegan Restaurant Week?

If you are located on the other side of the country, and can’t take part in the city’s vegan offerings, you can still enjoy delicious plant-based meals at home thanks to our Food Monster App!

Smoked Seitan

Image Source: Smoked Seitan


Cathy Elton‘s smoked seitan is comparable to the vegan barbecue brisket being offered at Second District Brewing! This recipe is absolutely mouthwatering with a nice, meaty texture, an irresistible smoky flavor, and a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce.

Baked Artichoke ‘Crab’ Cakes

Image Source: Baked Artichoke ‘Crab’ Cakes

These crab-less cakes by Dawn Hutchins are reminiscent of the ones being served at the American Sardine Bar. They are tender, flaky, and perfectly seasoned and pair nicely with a vegan tartar sauce!

Pesto, Mushroom, and White Bean Meatballs

Image Source: Pesto, Mushroom, and White Bean Meatballs 


These bean-based meatballs by Gabrielle St. Claire are similar to the ones being served at Philly’s Vegan Restaurant Week! They are hearty, flavorful, and amazing atop a heaping plate of spaghetti!

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Lead Image Source: Lee Cannon/Flickr