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There are a multitude of benefits when eating a vegan diet, but that’s not new to you, I’m sure. Technically, you can still be a vegan and eat junk food if you eat too many processed vegan foods, which might be cruelty-free, but isn’t going to make you feel so hot. On the other hand, the perks of eating a clean, vegan diet are absolutely limitless!  For one, you’re not only cutting excess calories, preservatives, and sugar from your diet, but you’re also eating closer to nature, which is one of the main ideas behind eating a vegan diet to start with. Instead of buying veggie burgers or vegan cookies so much, consider what amazing perks you’ll experience from eating especially healthy vegan foods. If you think being vegan is awesome, try cleaning up your diet to really take things up a notch!

1. Fewer Cravings

Nix those salt and sugar cravings by eating whole foods instead of processed. Overtime, your taste buds actually start to learn to crave processed foods. Foods high in fat, sugar, and salt induce a high pleasure sensation in the brain that aren’t only addictive, but also unhealthy for your body. Your body isn’t craving those addicting foods, it’s actually craving nutrients. The less processed you eat, the quicker your body gets the nutrients it needs so you’ll feel satisfied around the clock and won’t feel the need to raid your vegan pantry at midnight.

 2. Better Complexion

Broccoli, kale, carrots, mushrooms, oats, sesame seeds, walnuts, chia, carrots, berries, and almonds are absolutely incredible for your skin! When you clean up your vegan diet, the first thing you’ll notice is a better complexion. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and a true sign of how healthy you are. The less processed your food is, the less toxins you take in and the better your skin looks as a result. That’s a hard benefit to argue with, right?

3. Weight Loss

Your body is smart – it knows real food from fake food. When you eat a lot of processed foods, the excess toxins can’t be eliminated efficiently and are stored in fat cells as a result. This not only causes weight gain, but can even lead to other issues such as diabetes if you’re eating too much fat and sugar. Eating a clean, vegan diet helps you lose weight and prevents disease all in one step. Here are five specific vegan foods that aid in weight loss to give you a jump start.

4. Less Expensive

Possibly my favorite benefit of eating a clean, vegan diet is that it’s less expensive than buying processed vegan foods. You can buy a whole pound of sweet potatoes and lentils for less than what you can buy a bag of frozen sweet potato fries or a box of veggie burgers. It’s also much less expensive to make your own oatmeal or quinoa porridge instead of buying vegan cereal or breakfast bars.

5. More Energy

There’s no doubt that one of the top perks of eating an all clean, vegan diet is that you have loads of energy!  When the body isn’t bogged down with digesting processed foods with excess ingredients, it can provide you with more energy and even help you sleep more soundly. Consistent, steady energy from a clean, vegan diet is one of the best feelings there is. No extra cup of coffee at 3 p.m. needed (unless it’s critical and it’s vegan)!

Remember that you don’t have to quit buying everything off the shelf on a vegan diet. Just omit the majority of processed foods that have a lot of ingredients and you’ll have a great start. Items like unsweetened nondairy milk, coffee, tea, liquid stevia, veggie broth, plain nut butters, and some vegan condiments are perfectly fine to keep in your diet for ease of use and they’re some of the least offensive items out there. Just avoid any added sugars, too much sodium, and processed fats and you’ll be on your way to a clean, vegan diet in no time. Need clean recipe ideas? Here are five to get you started:

1. Curried Lentil Soup

2. Slow Cooker Vegan Coconut Banana Pecan Coffee Cake Oatmeal

3. Peachy Ginger Green Monster Smoothie

4. Grilled Avocado With Roasted Tomato

5. Raw Vegan Goji Snack Chunks

See how easy and delicious that was? Enjoy!

Lead Image Source: Grilled Avocado with Roasted Tomatoes

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