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Update (2/18/20): After hearing concerns from readers, we found on the Panda Express 2020 nutrition guide that they actually still do not have vegetarian or gluten-free dishes.

Restaurants are starting to understand that customers want more veggies and less harm to animals now in 2019. Famous chains like Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr., and so many more have added vegan and vegetarian options to their menus recently. Excitingly, America’s largest Asian-cuisine restaurant chain is joining the party! Panda Express will be adding vegan menu options to all 2,000+ of their stores nationwide.

Until recently, all menu items at Panda Express (except for the plain rice) were flavored with chicken-based seasoning. This decision comes after PETA urged Panda Express to get rid of this outdated and unnecessary practice and leave the chicken out of veggie dishes. A petition by PETA was signed by over 234,000 people which helped the chain see just how much people want these options.

By the end of February, Panda Express will offer vegan versions of these classic dishes: Eggplant Tofu, spring rolls, brown and white rices, Super Greens (a side of broccoli, kale, and cabbage) and Chow Mein. Many locations may still be selling the non-vegan version of these foods into March as they move out old inventory, but the great news is that soon enough, you can enter one of their locations and find a vegan meal.

Make Your Own Asian Meals

Excited that Panda Express will have vegan options, but still prefer to make your own meals? We understand and we’re one step ahead of you with all these delicious recipes on our Food Monster App:

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How to Make Your Own Vegan Chinese Dishes at Home

Source: How to Make Your Own Vegan Chinese Dishes at Home

Making Chinese food at home is easy! Whether it’s because you are vegan, gluten-free (or both) or perhaps live in a neighborhood with no local Chinese restaurant, you don’t have to live without your favorite dishes, nor do you have to only order steamed vegetables. You can have the same meaty tastes and textures you have always loved right in the comfort of your own home, but without the meat with these delicious recipes to Make Your Own Vegan Chinese Dishes at Home!

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Source: Don’t Order Takeout! Make These 20 Vegan Chinese Dishes Instead!

When you get an urge for Chinese food, it can be tempting to pick up the phone and call in an order for delivery or head to the local restaurant and get takeout. Well, hold your dumplings because making your own Chinese food at home is easy. It’s also healthier because you get to choose the ingredients, the amount of sodium, the spice level and you will know there’s no MSG in your food. So put that menu down and Make These 20 Vegan Chinese Dishes Instead!

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