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1. Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Source: Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are no-fuss, no-equipment, short-on-time Nut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ella Woodward. They are easy, incredibly delicious, a little crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and full of big chocolate chunks.

2. Artichoke Scampi Linguine

Vegan Artichoke Scampi Linguine

Source: Artichoke Scampi Linguine

This Artichoke Scampi Linguine by Honey Salt is a wonderfully simple linguine recipe from the restaurant, Honey Salt! Now, you can make this amazing dish in the comfort of your own home!


3. Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Bars

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Bars

Source: Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Bars

These creamy and naturally sweetened Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream Bars by Robin Browne will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you feeling refreshed all summer long. They are naturally sweetened with dates, which gives them a nice caramelly flavor.

4. Pasta Primavera

Vegan Pasta Primavera

Source: Pasta Primavera

Tomatoes contain several different types of phytochemicals–plant nutrients that are protective against cancer and several other diseases. The most well-known phytochemical in tomatoes is lycopene. Lycopene gives tomatoes their red color. So, obviously you should make this Pasta Primavera by Wholesome LLC!


5. Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

Vegan Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

Source: Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

This Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake by Mitra Shirmohammadi is rich, decadent, and fudgy as the name suggests. It’s super easy to make in less than 30 minutes with only 8 wholesome ingredients. Plus, it’s free from dairy, gluten, eggs, and refined sugar.

6. Lemon Poppyseed Scones

Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Scones

Source: Lemon Poppyseed Scones

These Lemon Poppyseed Scones by Kristen Gentons are everything you could ever want in a scone. The flavor is light for spring/summer and they look oh so pretty. Leaving scones in a circle shape is great because it’s 1) less work to form them and 2) they have more nooks and cranny’s for the glaze! Try them out — and then try not to eat them all at once.

7. Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Vegan Sweet and Spicy Watermelon Curry

Source: Watermelon Cherry Cooler

This Watermelon Cherry Cooler by Anuja Kohli Mariwala is going to be one of your go-to recipes after the first try. It’s easy, quick, beautiful and delicious. Plus, this is a low-waste dish because it uses almost all of the watermelon. Hop in the kitchen and whip up a batch of this subtle, light, summery curry the next time you have company – it will be a hit.


8. Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Veagn Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Source: Watermelon Cherry Cooler

Summer is upon us and staying hydrated is at the top of the list. Apart from just plain cold water we sometimes desire to drink some special drinks too, but at the same time we look for healthy beverages with no added sugar and lots of health benefits while still being beautiful and tempting. It’s not that difficult to find drinks to meet our expectations but sometimes those gorgeous drinks carry too many calories and so I came up with this Watermelon Cherry Cooler by Gunjan Dudani!

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