Because they’re so quick to spoil, freshness is always concern for dairy products, but have you ever wondered how much of a difference freshness makes in non-dairy milks? Apparently a lot, because  non-diary milk manufacturer NüMilk has unveiled its latest innovation: A self-service Almond milk machine. The machines dispense freshly-made, organic almond milk so you can have a fresh bottle every visit.

The mere thought is enough to make me dream of almond milk.


The machines are installed in selected Whole Foods locations around the USA. Bottles cost $3.99, and customers and choose between maple or unsweetened almond milk. Shoppers then take away their goodies in a provided container.

Advocates of fresh raw almond milk say that rawer milk contains less gums and additives, making for a healthier, more ‘whole foods’ experience

Your Own Almond Milk Creations

Want to find ways to use your new almond milk? Check out some of these tasty almond milk-infused drinks, courtesy of the Food Monster App!

Vanilla Pear Cardamom Cocktail

Source: Vanilla Pear Cardamom Cocktail


This Vanilla Pear Cardamom Cocktail by Kathy Hester is a creamy, refreshing drink for dessert or a treat. Amaretto adds a delicious nutty flavor to this cocktail!

Slow Cooker Kailua Mint Hot Chocolate

Source: Slow Cooker Kailua Mint Hot Chocolate

This Slow Cooker Kailua Mint Hot Chocolate, also by Kathy Hester, is a warming, boozy take on the winter classic. Coffee liqueur and non-dairy milk make this creamy cocktail a favorite for winter nights!

Pumpkin Spice Martini

Source: Pumpkin Spice Martini


A unique take on a martini from Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez, this Pumpkin Spice Martini recipe takes autumn flavors of pumpkin and graham crackers and adds them to a very unexpected cocktail!

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