Men in the Curry family always grew up with a love for food, but father Chris Curry, in particular, has always been an aficionado of rich, soul food. However, when Chris hit 252 pounds at the age of 66, he knew he had to start making some changes for the well-being of his body.

Luckily for Chris, his son Kevin, is the founder of Fit Men Cook. Kevin developed Fit Men Cook because he is passionate about committing to his fitness while preparing food that is healthy and flavorful and never, ever bland. His passion for health seems to have caught on because he now shares his nutritious recipes with over 1 million followers on Instagram!

For years, Kevin has worked to convince his father, Chris, that he needed to make changes to his diet. He felt that it was his duty to get his family healthy after encouraging and inspiring everyone in his online community. It is no easy feat, reworking dietary habits that have lasted over 50 years, but Kevin finally got through to his father.

After all these years, on October 15th, 2017, Chris took his son’s advice and went vegan. Kevin was confident that this diet would work for his father, and it looks like it did!

Chris has been adhering to a vegan diet for over 8 months now, and has dropped 50 pounds! He also explains that his joint pain has been relieved, and he no longer suffers from the same inflammation. Chris feels that this new way of life has opened his mind to new, exciting flavors and restaurants he would never have tried prior to the transition.

Son, Kevin, is very proud of his father and shares his father’s vegan journey on his Instagram. Although not vegan himself, Kevin truly believes in the power of plants with their rich array of vitamins, minerals, and protein. He says by eating this way, “You can feel really good.”

Are you looking to get healthy and lose weight on a vegan diet?

If you are looking to shed some extra pounds, and start feeling your best, check out this plant-based food guide! You can also gain inspiration from these healthy meal ideas from our Food Monster App.

Early Summer Veggie Sauté

This easy Early Summer Veggie Sauté is filled with light and refreshing flavors. It also contains nutrient-packed asparagus, sugar snap peas, zucchini, and basil.

Sweet Potatoes Noodles with Miso Sauce

These sweet potato noodles are a healthier option to enriched pasta noodles and are extra satisfying to eat. The noodles come topped with an umami miso dressing.

Pomegranate Quinoa Porridge

If you are looking to lose weight, it is best to eat a fiber-filled breakfast. For a tasty and healthy breakfast that will tickle your taste buds, try this Pomegranate Quinoa Porridge!

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Lead image source: Fit Men Cook