The Horticultural Society of New York is opening a greenhouse that will be open to the public at Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park in Hamilton Heights! Not only will the greenhouse be open to the public, but Horticultural Society will be offering nutritional education programs so that New Yorkers can learn all about plants.

This organization has been doing amazing things for the city of New York since 1902. They have been a place for city dwellers to form a connection to plants while learning how to build their own urban gardens. They hope that their service inspires the public and improves our environment, lives, and neighborhoods.


Until now, the society has not had a permanent location. This 2,160-square foot greenhouse will have outdoor gardens as well as an indoor classroom that will serve as a demonstration kitchen. Classes like how to grow and then cook fresh herbs and vegetables will be held there all throughout the summer and continuing through the year. In addition, they will be holding a class on June 29th, called Woke Foods, that will teach its students how to prepare vegan watermelon, cucumber, and tomato gazpacho. There will also be a farm stand at the greenhouse this July and August where residents can purchase the produce grown there.

If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, come escape to the greenhouse and take in all the sights. It is open five days a week!

How about trying some fresh recipes utilizing your new farm fresh produce? 

If you are in the city this summer, check out the new greenhouse and grab some produce grown with care. Here are some recipes from our Food Monster App to help inspire you!

Watermelon Gazpacho

This watermelon gazpacho is absolutely perfect for summer. It is light, refreshing, and slightly spicy.


Grilled Corn with Avocado Crema 

Nothing is better than grilled corn when it’s at its peak freshness. Especially when it’s drizzled with a zesty avocado cream!

Bohemian Summer Salad

Grab all your fresh produce from the farm stand, and then try this light, yet hearty bohemian summer salad! It has grilled corn, fresh berries, radishes, nectarine slices, avocado, and vegan feta cheese.

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Lead Image Source: Clean Energy Economy for the Region/Flickr