After going vegan last year, Detroit Lions’ running back Theo Riddick has said that his new diet has done wonders for his recovery and performance.

“I turned vegan over the summer,” Riddick told The Detroit News in August 2017. “I’ve noticed a difference just with my energy level.”


He recently spoke to M Live, and said that his recovery has improved dramatically thanks to his healthy diet.

“I just think my recovery level was just phenomenal. I think when I was younger, to be honest I wouldn’t really feel better until probably Friday. And then you go back out there and play on Sunday,” He told M Live.

“I can say last year I was feeling good by Tuesday,” he added. “And to have that recovery level on my side and working with me, instead of against me, has given me the chance to play all 16 games.”

So what does this vegan athlete eat to keep up his performance?


“I’m not a junk-food type of eater. I’m like a smoothie guy,” Riddick told The Detroit News. “I do a lot of fruit and throw my kale and all my protein in there and that’s how I get everything.”

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Want to Eat Like a Vegan Athlete?

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