Energy bites are some of the most popular snacks among eaters of all kinds, whether plant-based or not. For one, they’re quick to make, require no oven time, and you can put whatever you’ve got lurking (or lagging behind) in your pantry, fridge or cabinets in them. They’re like a snack version of soup – just toss it in and see what you get! Energy bites taste great too, they’re a little sweet with a nice hearty flavor from healthy fats or whole grains, and make some of the best pre-workout snacks or breakfasts in a jiffy.

But the traditional flavors, as delicious as they may be, well … they could use some excitement every once in a while. That’s where trying out some new flavor combinations and new ingredients in your energy bites comes into play.


These recipes are not hard or complicated, and definitely not scientific or expensive. They’re just a creative spin on a simple recipe that deserve a spotlight in your snack regime. Give ’em a try and let us know if you have your own favorite creative recipe too!



This combination isn’t one you’ll likely see in most raw energy bite recipes, but it’s based off of simple ingredients and has the most delicious, sweet flavor. Pumpkin seeds and shredded coconut are used here instead of nuts, which adds more protein, iron, and makes them a little easier to digest for some people. Figs are substituted instead of the more often used dates, which lowers the glycemic effect, adds more fiber, and an even sweeter flavor for less sugar. Mulberries are one of the most inexpensive superfoods out there you can choose, containing more Vitamin C than most any fresh fruit, along with being extremely low in sugar overall. Mulberries are also flavored much like a fig and have even shown to lower the glycemic effect of your overall meal. In an energy bite, they provide a delectable caramel flavor and beautiful golden color. Give these a sprinkle of ginger and you’ll benefit from the digestion enhancement, along with a sweet and spicy flavor!

To make these: Soak 1/2 cup dried Black Mission figs, 1/2 cup dried mulberries for 30 minutes in water to soften. Drain and reserve 2-3 tbsp. of the soaking water. In a food processor, add the figs, mulberries, 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds , 1/2 cup shredded coconut, 1/4 tsp. ginger, and the 2-3 tbsp. soaking water so they’ll blend easier. Process until you get a dough-like texture, roll into bite-sized balls, and garnish with more coconut if desired. Store in the fridge for a week or covered in the freezer for a month.



Talk about a flavor hit; these treats have got it going on! Goji berries are a hot superfood for a reason – they’re full of amino acids and Vitamins A and C to keep you feeling fabulous. Plus, they’re just so pretty! Soak goji berries to plump them up, which will also make them easier to blend. The raisins add a sweeter flavor, fiber, and more iron and potassium, while the pistachios and chia will add healthy fats and plenty of fiber. Pistachios and chia have also been linked to improving GI health and are easier on the tummy than some heavier nuts.

To make these: Soak 1/4 cup goji berries with 1/4 cup raisins for at least 45 minutes (easy to keep in the fridge for grab and go use). Reserve 2-3 tbsp. of the soaking water and then add 1/4 cup chia seeds and 1/4 cup pistachios, the soaked fruit and soaking water to the food processor. Blend until you get a dough-like consistency, roll into bite-sized balls and store in the fridge for a week or the freezer, covered well for up to a month.  Feel free to add some cinnamon or other spices you might enjoy too.



A delightfully sweet treat, these are a classic. The cardamom spice is one of the most decadent, must-try spices out there. With an incredible sweet, yet balanced flavor, it has been shown to aid digestion, improve the mood, and also reduce gastrointestinal ailments of all kinds. It’s commonly used in Ayurvedic recipes because it brings balance to many areas of the body. Here, it combines perfectly with naturally sweet almonds and raisins (for a nice dose of iron), while the coconut and hemp add even more essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, and potassium. These would be great to enjoy as a workout snack, or would even make a delicious dessert or breakfast in a pinch.

To make these: Soak 1/2-3/4 cup raisins and the almonds in some water for 30 minutes. Remove, drain, and reserve 2-3 tbsp. of the soaking water for mixing. Then add 1/4 tsp. cardamom, 1/4 cup hemp seeds (also called hemp hearts), and 1/2 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut to the food processor. Blend until you get a dough-like consistency, roll into bite-sized balls and store in the fridge for a week or the freezer, covered well for up to a month.



Sunflower butter is one of the tastiest (and sneakiest) replacements for peanut butter because it tastes almost identical and is almost just as cheap, even in organic form. It’s also much higher in iron and magnesium, but lower in saturated fats and it’s non-allergenic. It also makes a great energy bite ingredient because it blends well and will add that classic flavor that you’ve come to love through peanut butter, while still providing some protein and a large dose of magnesium to aid in energy. Cacao is a delicious and inexpensive superfood that is filled with antioxidants, fiber, and a whopping dose of magnesium and iron. It’s amazing in this recipe because it gives these bites that classic peanut butter chocolate flavor (hello Reese’s!) that everyone loves. Pairing it with ginger and cashew gives it an uppity-up flavor, and the cashews will add more iron while the ginger will add spice and digestion enhancement.

To make these: Soak 4 dates and 1/4 cup cashews until soft (about 30 minutes). Reserve 3 tbsp. of the soaking water and add the cashews, dates, 2 tbsp. sunflower seed butter (raw, sprouted versions are great here), along with 1-2 tbsp. raw cacao and 1/4 tsp. ginger. Add the soaking water to the food processor and blend until you get a dough-like consistency. Then roll into bite-sized balls and store in the fridge for a week or the freezer, covered well for up to a month. Garnish with coconut shreds if you like for a pretty feature and more fiber.



This is such a delicious combo and very easy to make. They’re lower in sugar and higher in fiber than many energy bites, while providing a huge amount of iron, potassium, protein, magnesium, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and a warming, comforting flavor with the addition of apple pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice). Oats provide a grounding nature and will also aid as a natural binder without the use of an abundance of dried fruit. The flax also lends itself as a binding agent and using ground versus whole flax will provide more nutrition.

To make these: Add 1/4 cup hemp seeds (or hemp hearts), 1/4 cup rolled oats (use organic if needed), 1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut, 2 tbsp. ground organic flax seed meal, 1/2 cup mulberries (or substitute raisins), and 1/4 tsp. apple pie spice (or a little cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger). Add these to the food processor with 2 tbsp. water, blend until you get a dough-like consistency, then roll into bite-sized balls.  Store in the fridge for a week or the freezer, covered well for up to a month.

The hardest part about making these is trying not to eat all the “dough” as you  make them! If you’re not into bites, then make them into bars or even raw brownies! They’re virtually impossible to mess up, even if you need to add a little more liquid, or dry ingredients should the consistency be “off” for some reason.

sunbutter balls

Give them a whirl, combine a few flavors for even more options, and let us know what your favorite energy bite recipe is! Also check out all our raw recipes, including energy bites for even more ideas.

Lead Image Source:10 Big Bad Energy Bites