It’s September 13, and you know what that means, right? It’s National Peanut Day!

While we know many of you are probably celebrating with some of the always-delicious peanutty combinations popular in America, such as peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, or pad thai, today we also wanted to celebrate a staple food of West African cuisine: peanut stews and soups!

Known as Maafe, Nkate Nkawan, and Ghanian groundnut stew, West African peanut soup is a protein-packed and hearty meal that is popularly served during Kwanzaa but can be enjoyed anytime you’re in the mood for a warm, cozy bowl of peanutty goodness. You can scoop up the stew on top of your favorite carb source, like rice, or enjoy it on its own.

We’ve explored our Food Monster App to bring you several different variations on the cozy, popular peanut soup; let us know which one you want to try making first!

This gluten-free Rich and Comforting African Peanut Stew by Liz Mochrie is quick and easy, as well as budget-friendly.

Spicy, rich, and packed with good greens, this is just the soup you’ll want on a cold winter day. It also happens to be a cinch to whip up and budget friendly, too. Feel free to add in some diced sweet potato or yams in addition to the kale.

This African Peanut Soup by Marquis Matson features a few unique ingredients but is also very easy to assemble.

Don’t all those veggies look vibrant and appetizing? We think African peanut soup pairs so well with loads of yummy starches, like sweet potatoes, and root vegetables.

This West African Peanut Stew by Nicole Fraser has a very prominent peanut flavor, which is great if you’re a peanut butter enthusiast!

If you’re the kind of person who loves to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar, then you’ll enjoy this recipe. This recipe is healthy, cheap, and incredibly delicious.

For a Filipino twist, try out this Kare-Kare: Filipino Vegetable Stew in Peanut-Based Sauce by RG Enriquez.

Kare-kare is a classic and beloved Filipino stew made of meat and vegetables in thick and creamy peanut sauce, traditionally with shrimp paste (bagoong) and rice on the side. This recipe embodies all of the traditional complexity and flavors of this creamy hearty dish but replaces the bagoong with a black bean and seaweed paste that’s better than its predecessor.

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Lead image source: Rich and Comforting African Peanut Stew