Sandwiches: what can’t they do? Seriously! They are the perfect food, portable and delicious. This is your comprehensive guide to finding 15 of the most popular veggie sandwiches and wraps in Los Angeles. From towering club sandwiches to saucy meatball subs, we came up with a list that will ensure you’ll always be able to fulfill your desire for a good sandwich, no matter where you are in the city. We chose these products based on Yelp reviews and popularity but also used our discretion to be certain we were being fair to the many contenders – there are so many great sandwiches out there! This list is not based on ranking, priority, or any other particular order. All reviews are real, from real Yelpers. And guess what?! In addition to being vegetarian, they are all vegan as well. Happy eating!

Below are the 15 most popular veggie sandwiches and wraps in LA along with real quotes from people who have tried them!


  1. Locali Conscious Convenience (Various locations)

    Hiram R./Yelp

    Marinated vegan deli slices/vegan cheese/sauerkraut/ smothered with delectable homemade vegan Russian dressing on rye.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Had the Vegan sandwich here and wow!… growing up as a yid who thought only a real reuben could be made right by my jewish grandmother, well dont tell my Bubie but this place was almost as good as hers.” –Marc S.

    2. “Not only does the vegan reuben blow my mind out of this world, but it is $6 for a thick wedge of this sliced soy goodness on rye.” –Chris G.

    3. “Best vegan sandwiches ever!! The first sandwich i ever ordered was so good, I ordered another one immediately after.” –Sean T.

    4. “Hands down most epic vegan reuben sandwich ever …!” –Lindsay F.

    5. “Reuben is a monster, one of the most satisfying I’ve ever had, and gives any NYC deli a run for its money.” –JT K.

  2. Localita & the Badasserie: Sir Nasty (Downtown)

    Scott B./Yelp

     Sausage patty/cheddar/chipotle sauce/maple syrup on a multigrain muffin (plus Sriracha and red onion).

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Absolutely incredible. I just ate the Sir Nasty breakfast sandwich and am in absolute vegan cheesy maple HEAVEN!” –Alana B.

    2. “The best item on the menu is the Sir Nasty. If I could eat this everyday, I would. If you come here, it’s definitely worth trying!” –Cindy B.

    3. “Best Vegan Breakfast Sandwich I’ve ever had.” –M S.

    4. “The chipotle sauce, maple syrup, siraicha, cheese and touch of red onions makes one helluva breakfast sandwich!” –Tay M.

    5. “It’s a breakfast sandwich packed.. or um, oozing with flavor. The combo of sweet, spicy are perfectly balanced. But honestly the sausage flavor & texture was so authentic. And it was incredibly filling.” –Misty B.

  3. Organix: Puerco (Eagle Rock)

    Harmonie T./Yelp

    Marinated, slow cooked and baked shredded  jackfruit, homemade BBQ sauce, homemade slaw, vegan mayo and pickle on ciabatta bread.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Jackfruit pulled pork is as good as everyone says! A typical meat eater wouldn’t know ant different.” –Brian R.

    2. “I had the jackfruit pulled pork sandwich, and every bite was heaven. I had no idea jackfruit could be so good.” –Tatiana P.

    3. “What the chef does with jackfruit is nothing short of miraculous.” –Michelle F.

    4. “The BBQ sauce itself was smoky and sweet and the portion of yummy tender jackfruit was significant. But what stood out to me was the slaw and veganaise that added a layer of flavor unlike other BBQ jackfruit dishes I’ve had. It’s definitely one of those sandwiches that I will ALWAYS stop for if I’m ever in the area.” –Harmonie T.

    5. “Their food is off the charts. The pulled “pork” sandwich (made with jackfruit) is outstanding.” –Whitney L.

  4. Tribal Cafe: "What Coral Bleaching?" (Filipino Adobo Un-Chicken) (Westlake)

    Harmonie T./Yelp

    Fakin’ chicken nuggets, Jack cheese, lettuce, cabbage, salsa fresca, our funky garlic sauce, salsa verde, vegan Filipino adobo sauce.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “The Filipino Adobo Chicken Sandwich is scrumptious.” –Sam P.

    2. “Awesome vegan and Filipino sandwiches!” –Harvey L.

    3. “Try the Filipino sandwich, a chicken adobo dip. Yummmmm!” –JayChan H.

    4. “My go-to is their Filipino un-chicken adobo sandwich (called, “what coral bleaching?”)–douse it in sriracha, and mmmffrrmmnn soh gewd.” –Elis I.

    5. “I ordered the veggie sandwich and the veggies were crisp and fresh and the prices are very fair and portions very generous as well.” –Mon B.

  5. The Grain Cafe: Vegan Club Sandwich (Mid City)

    Damaris E./Yelp

     Marinated vegan chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and smoked tempeh bacon served on sourdough bread, with garlic aioli sauce.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “The chicken club sandwich was the best chicken club sandwich I’ve ever had. Just writing this review makes my mouth water.” –Vanessa R.

    2. “LOVE this place! I had the “chicken” club sandwich and it was amazing!” –Stephanie V.

    3. “My favorite is the club sandwich – I’m actually craving one right now.” –Vicky C.

    4. “I won’t lie, I always get the club sandwich because it’s so freaking good.” –Jessica L.

    5. “I had the Club Sandwich and hands down, it is the best Club sandwich I have had…period.” –Eleanor W.

  6. Mendocino Farms: Vegan Banh Mi (Various locations)


    Maggi-marinated pressed tofu with Vegenaise, sweet chili sauce, housemade pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, jalapenos, cilantro on panini-pressed ciabatta.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Their vegan sandwiches… Oh man, excuse me; I’m drooling! As I was saying, their vegan banh mi … I don’t know if I’ve ever had sandwiches that good!” –Diane K.

    2. “It doesn’t get better than the vegan banh mi, no joke. Who knew sandwiches could be so inventive and amazing, especially for a vegetarian.” –V C.

    3. “I’m obsessed with the Vegan Banh Mi! It’s so flavorful and delicious.” –Raquel U.

    4. “I come here once every month or two to get my Vegan Banh Mi fix.” –Michael B.

    5. “I ordered an vegan banh mi sandwich it had tofu veggies and sweet chili sauce which tasted pretty good, nice and toasted ciabatta bun!” –Prathima K.

  7. FoodLab: Vegan Sandwich (West Hollywood)

    Natalie K./Yelp

    Hummus, roasted veggies, and dried tomato with basil pesto on 5 grain.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Their vegan sandwich was outstanding, with delicious roasted vegetables with sundried tomatoes and hummus inside and a tasty, perfectly toasted multigrain bread on the outside.” –Jeff M.

    2. “You start to think to yourself, “you know what, it’s okay that I just bought a $6 iced tea, this is gonna be a good day…” And if you ordered the Vegan Sandwich w/ Roasted Vegetables & Basil Pesto, you are right, it IS gonna be a good day.” –Karli S.

    3. “The vegan sandwich is my favorite.” –Sarah L.

    4. “The … Vegan Sandwich is amazing, the tempting fruit lemonades are fantastic and the little pickle and olive they serve with everything is adorable.” –Chris F.

    5. “Their vegan sandwich is hands down one of the best vegetable sandwiches I have every had (coming from a vegetarian of 9 years I have had my fair share). Hummus and pesto paired with grilled eggplant, peppers, and squash on 5-grain was enough to make me more interested in my food than anything else in the world (at the moment).” –Theresa T.

  8. Nature's Brew: Vegan Delight Sandwich (University Park)

    Nature’s Brew/Yelp

    Sweet and spicy yams, bell peppers, onions, eggplant, pickled beets, house-made lemon garlic Vegenaise.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “The “vegan sandwich” is really nice. Yams, pickled beets (I think beets), onion, eggplant, and some kind of garlic sauce.” –Amanda B.

    2. “Order their vegan sandwich. It’s out of this world. Even non-vegans will appreciate, I promise.” –Celina P.

    3. “I had the Vegan Delight sandwich and was surprised by how delicious it was.” –Wendy W.

    4. “My favorite is the grilled vegan delight sandwich and the tropic pinch smoothie. Both super tasty!” –Wendy W.

    5. “Had their vegan sandwich… Awesome… Definitely will come back… recommend it highly…” –Marielle M.

  9. Tierra Cafe: Vegan Turkey Wrap (Downtown)

    Risa Y./Yelp

    Tofurky, spinach, tomato, avocado, soy cheese, and dill dressing in a tomato-basil tortilla.

    Here’s what people are saying about this wrap…

    1. “The (vegan) turkey and sesame chicken wraps are yums, too.” –Caroline C.

    2. “The vegan turkey wrap is THE BEST!!!” –Danielle G.

    3. “I got a Vegan Turkey Wrap… It was awesome. I couldn’t believe there was no meat in them!” –Risa Y.

    4. “Most things are a hit, especially the delicious wraps.” –Cyle Z.

    5. “The veganning of a beautiful meal….” –Chanel C.

  10. The Trails Cafe: Avocado Sandwich (Griffith Park)

    Laney B./Yelp

    Avocados, tomatoes, red onions, soy “bacon bits,” alfalfa sprouts (specify no cheese and mayo for vegan).

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “I highly recommend the avocado sandwich.” –P K.

    2. “The avocado sandwich is pretty tasty and healthy.” –Pauline M.

    3. “That avocado sandwich is the stuff of dreams” –Mari H.

    4. “The avocado sandwich is one of the best and most refreshing sandwiches I’ve ever had. I think about it a lot.” –Brian R.

    5. “The avocado sandwich is the bomb.” –Christian T.

  11. Cruzer Pizza: Vegan Philly Cheesesteak (Loz Feliz)


    Grilled Match Meats vegan meat, peppers, onions, and Daiya cheese on a roll.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “I tried the philly cheese steak sandwich … It was unbelievable BOTH times! I can’t get enough of how it ‘doesn’t’ taste like its vegan! It’s amazing.” –Jazz S.

    2. “The Philly Cheesesteak sandwich blew me out of the water. The cheese and meat had the right textures and tastes, the veggies were perfect.” –Chris H.

    3. “Being from Philly, and having had probably the best vegetarian cheesesteaks ever there … It took me 4 days of living in LA to find this place and it’s all thumbs up for me. The cheesesteak was awesome …” –Morgan T.

    4. “The Philly cheesesteak was excellent, and I’m from Philly, so I can say that.” –S L.

    5. “…the best vegan Philly Cheesesteak of my life…” –Shannon R.

  12. Swingers Diner: Vegan Wrap (Beverly Grove)

    Mari H./Yelp

    Hummus, crispy onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, and fresh dill wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with tahini-dill dressing, served with sautéed quinoa.

    Here’s what people are saying about this wrap…

    1. “I’m not a vegan, but the vegan wrap is to die for. It’s a perfect blend of hummus, grilled onions, greens, tomatoes, deliciously wrapped up.” –Pauline M.

    2. “Every bite tasted amazing! Especially those crispy onions and hummus.” –Mari H.

    3. “I really like the veggie wrap, with its hummus and roasted red peppers.” –Brian R.

    4. “Highly recommend the Vegan Wraps.” –Christian T.

    5. “I highly recommend the vegan burrito and vegan wrap.” –Melissa R.

  13. Ike's Place: Vegan Meatless Mike (Westwood)


    Marinara, vegan cheese, vegan meatballs.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Ike’s sandwiches are legitimately the best I have ever had in my life, every single time.” –Lindsay S.

    2. “Best sandwiches around, the Meatless Mike is great. Best vegan meatballs I’ve ever had!!” –Rey M.

    3. “My girlfriend had the vegan meatballs sandwich … Insanely tasty and you don’t feel heavy after eating them- fresh ingredients and lovely staff!” –John B.

    4. “Try the meatless mike, best veggie meatball sandwich of all time, and can be made vegan upon request.” –Marv C.

    5. “Do yourself a favor and try what may very well be the best sandwich you ever had.” –Chris H.

  14. The Panini Stop: No. 5 (Downtown)

    Chris G./Yelp

    Avocado, green peppers, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, red onion, and lemon juice.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “The sandwiches were bursting with flavor, ingredients were fresh, and bread was nice and crispy (the way a panini should be).” –Chris G.

    2. “The sandwiches are fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced.” –Jason C.

    3. “Absolutely great and quick sandwich stop. Non pretentious, easy vibe and average priced.” –Lesley L.

    4. “This place is amazing… All of the employees are ridiculously nice and they make your sandwich as fast and diligently as they can.” –Roxane D.

    5. “All Vegan & Vegetarian AND its absolutely delicious.” –Stacey G.

  15. Simplethings: Vegan Po' Boy (Various locations)

    Harmonie T./Yelp

    Cornmeal crusted tofu, pickled onions, arugula, vegan remoulade, ciabatta pot.

    Here’s what people are saying about this sandwich…

    1. “Loved, loved, LOVED the vegan po-boy!!!” –Nicolle S.

    2. “The Vegan Po Boy normally comes on ciabatta but I opted for multigrain bread instead. The pan seared tofu had this great crispy crust and I just fell in love with the texture.” –Harmonie T.

    3. “The vegan po boy sandwich was actually quite tasty and fried (or is it just breaded) tofu is used as the protein.” –Ed H.

    4. “I’ve had the vegan po’ boy and a veganized version of the sweet potato sandwich. They’re both good.” –Carie S.

    5. “Cute sandwich shop with amazing and consistent food.” –Josh L.

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