Once upon a time, barbecue for plant-based eaters was completely and utterly unheard of. Le Boucan is one of the smokehouses aiming to make adjustments for those who don’t eat animal products. The Montreal-based restaurant, Le Boucan, has introduced a new veggie BBQ menu, using smoking techniques to replicate classic wood-smoked meat dishes.

Their new menu features faux-wings, faux pulled pork, seitan, jackfruit and other non-meat sandwiches that will easily rival regular smokehouses.


More and more restaurants are turning toward veganism and doing it in big ways. Homegrown Smoker, BBQ Revolution, Monks Meats and Brothers BBQ are just a few of the restaurants dishing out delicious vegan barbecue options. It turns out, meat-heavy restaurants, or restaurants offering menus that feature food that’s usually not plant-based, is a fantastic business move.

Vegan BBQ wings will be available to enjoy in June at Le Boucan’s Griffintown location.

Want some delicious vegan BBQ right this second?

There are so many ways to enjoy barbecue flavors as a vegan these days. Enjoy any of these BBQ recipes from our Food Monster App!

Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Dipping SauceSpicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Dipping Sauce

These Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Dipping Sauce are perfect for grilling out, surrounded by friends and lounging underneath the afternoon sunlight. The baked breading provides a crunchy mouthful to the cauliflower. Then, it’s finished with some tangy spice from the sauce.


BBQ Cauliflower WingsBBQ Cauliflower Wings

For another faux wing option, try your hand at these tasty, kicky BBQ Cauliflower Wings. The cauliflower adds some veggie nutrition to this dish!

Jackfruit Sliders With Chipotle Cherry BBQ SauceJackfruit Sliders With Chipotle Cherry BBQ Sauce

We’re sure you’ve never had a sandwich like this Jackfruit Sliders With Chipotle Cherry BBQ Sauce. Cherries add the perfect bit of sweetness to this homemade BBQ sauce. These are great for lunch or to serve to those who question the deliciousness of vegan eats.

For more homemade vegan BBQ eats, learn How to Make Epic Vegan BBQ Tofu Wings, or try this delicious BBQ Lentil Meatballs recipe. Or, try this Pulled Jackfruit With a Quick BBQ Sauce, this Sticky BBQ Cauliflower Wings or this BBQ Seitan Ribs With Homemade Barbecue Sauce.

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Lead image source: Leboucan/Facebook