If you’re someone who considers vegan mac and cheese something of a paradox, the idea of nutritious vegan mac and cheese might sound like a full-on fantasy. For most, macaroni and cheese is the ultimate childhood comfort food, and to justify eating the delicious dish for any reason other than cheesy gooey goodness seems absurd. But if there’s one thing plant-based food companies love, it’s a challenge.

On Thursday, that challenge was met by protein pasta producer Modern Table, who announced their first-ever complete protein line of Vegan Mac and Cheese, available nationally at Whole Foods Market. With a whopping 16g of protein per serving, these mouth-watering macs can be enjoyed with the lowest possible gluttony guilt. The line offers three distinct flavors to choose from – Southwest, Classic Cheddar and White Cheddar. The new products GMO-free, vegan and gluten-free.


Brand Marketing Manager Rachel Ercole said the rise in veganism among their customers was the driving factor behind the new product line:

“Some of our most loyal customers are strictly vegan but many more think of themselves as flexitarian – looking to eat less meat and dairy.” Ercole said in a press release “We worked hard to develop vegan sauces we enjoyed eating ourselves. So it’s exciting to finally be able to share these three new Vegan Mac flavors with everyone.”

Modern Table is but one of many manufacturers to notice that veganism is here to stay. With companies like Magnum, Kellogg’s and Ripple all announcing plant-based product lines, the question isn’t whether food producers will begin to cater to vegans, but rather when. As the number of vegans continues to rise, naturally, so will the options.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Galore!

Much as you may love to meander around Whole Foods (I know I do) you can have delicious plant-based Mac and Cheese right from your kitchen! (And don’t forget the nutritional yeast for a protein-packed punch! All recipes are courtesy of the Food Monster App.


Very Cheesy Mac ‘n’ Cheeze

Vegan cheesy mac n cheese

Source: Very Cheesy Mac ‘n’ Cheeze

Seriously, if you love Mac N’ Cheeze, this recipe by Amber St. Peter‘s a slightly spicy, flavorful, much healthier recreation of the old favorite. Loaded with secret ingredient goodies like nutritional yeast, tahini, and turmeric, it’s worth more than you’d expect, too. The cheezy sauce is chock full of B vitamins and anti-inflammatory power just waiting to be gobbled up!

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese With Spinach

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese

Source: Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese With Spinach

In Sara Hohn‘s Mac and Cheese recipe, sweet potatoes serve as the base to make the cheesy orange sauce that we all know and love. The spices and mustard balance out the sweetness, to create the ultimate mac.


Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

Cheeseburger mac and cheese

Source: Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

Cheeseburgers and mac and cheese are two of the most common comfort foods. On their own, they’re delicious. And together? Well, try out this Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese recipe by Gin Butters and you’ll find out! It includes macaroni pasta smothered in rich, creamy, and yes, life-changing, cheese sauce. Not to mention, a hefty portion of ground beef-style crumbles. Indulge away!


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